What Is An E Cigarette



As e cigarettes continue to become more popular and accessible a lot of people are asking “what is an e cigarette?”

We have put this page together in order to try to help answer that question. The following is a breakdown of exactly what an e cigarette is and how the e cigarette works:

E Cigarette Information – Table Of Contents:

1.  What Is An Electronic Cigarette – Basic intro to e cigarettes, generalization.

2.  E Cig Batteries – Weight, lengths, styles, buttons, colors, battery life/recharge time, etc.

3.  E Cig Cartridges – Refills, atomizers, two vs three-part, how long do they last, flavors, strengths, refilling, etc.

4.  E Cig Extras – Accessories, chargers, benefits, etc.

E Cigarette Info Page:

What Is A E Cigarette?
The electronic cigarette also known as an e cigarette, an e cig, an electric cigarette, or a smokeless cigarette. An electronic device that is used to turn an oil-nicotine solution into vapor. The nicotine vapor produced looks, taste,  and feels like cigarette smoke, but is actually much more similar to steam inhaled in the shower than it is to smoking. The vapor produced by e cigarettes can be inhaled as an alternative to smoking. E cigarettes come in many different shapes and styles but the general idea behind them all is the same. The most popular type is modeled after a traditional tobacco cigarette, and resembles one in shape, size, and use. The main components of an e cigarette are the battery, an “e liquid” cartridge, and an atomizer.

E Cigarette Batteries:
The e cigarette battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it is made to look like the part of a cigarette that burns away as it is smoked. On the end of the battery is an LED indicator light that lights up when you take a drag. The indicator light will usually blink or stop working when the battery is in need of a new charge.

The E Cigarette Atomizer:
An atomizer  is a small metal coil that heats the e liquid to the point of vaporization. It does not “burn” the e liquid but instead makes it an inhale-able vapor that mimics smoke. Some e cigarette brands sell cartridges of e liquid and atomizers separately. These are known as “three-piece design” e cigarettes. The two-piece design includes a new atomizers in each e liquid cartridge, sometimes referred to as a “cartomizer”. Atomizers do wear out and for this reason the two part design tend to be more popular. If you are using a two-piece design, you don’t have to worry about the atomizer wearing out before the cartridge runs out of e liquid. In fact, most of these cartridges can be refilled and used again, possibly a few times, before they wear out.

2 piece e cigarette

3-piece e cigarette

E liquids, Cartridges, And Cartomizers:
E cigarette cartridges (or cartomizers) contain the e liquid. E liquids are available with different levels of nicotine concentration. Nicotine concentration is measured in milligrams and range from 0mg to 12mg, a few brands make concentrations higher than that, up to 16mg, but 0mg to 12 mg  is more common. E  liquids are also available in many different flavors, the most common being tobacco and menthol.

How It All Works:
Once the e cigarette is assembled with a charged battery it is ready to go. It only turns on when air is being pulled through it. When you take a drag a small computer chip in the e cigarette senses air flowing past it, it sends a signal to both the indicator light and the atomizer. The indicator light lights up at the end of the e cigarette like a cigarette cherry being puffed on. The atomizer, which is surrounded in the e liquid, turns on and instantly starts turning the e liquid into vapor.

This means whoever is using it to can sit back and “smoke” vapor just like they might a cigarette, but without the harmful side effects of the smoke itself. Instead of lingering in the air the way smoke would, e cigarette vapor dissipates almost instantly and leave no scent behind either.

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E Cigarette Notes: Definition of “e cig·a·rette” on wikipedia.org

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette or personal vaporizer, is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by way of a vaporized solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. ….  More »

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