The FDA Wants To Ban E-Cigarettes

Should the FDA Ban E Cigarettes?

Perhaps the most important current events news for electronic cigarettes is the legal trouble that such devices have run into in the United States. The Federal Food & Drug Administration(FDA) recently lost an appeal to try to ban e-cigarettes altogether! They then made a general announcement that these electronic cigarettes are to be regarded as a tobacco product.

This, of course, is completely wrong headed and utterly stupid. But it’s a decision which was mandated under lobbyist pressure from the unseen, sinister hands of Big Tobacco. Naturally, all threats to the American tobacco industry are to be neutralized as quickly as possible. After all, tobacco is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Competition is never welcome to monopoly interests!

The one piece of good news for electronic cigarettes which has come from this latest Food & Drug Administration ruling is that e-cigarettes will no longer be banned anywhere in the United States. Electronic cigarettes have been officially recognized by the United States government, and their manufacture, sale, and importation for sale will no longer be a legal hassle for any official vendors, second hand sellers, or users.

There is hope the FDA will never ban e cigarettes!

This is excellent news since, for quite a while there, there was a serious danger of e-cigarettes becoming officially regarded by the United States government, under pressure from lobbyists of big tobacco companies, regarding electronic cigarettes as “contraband”, in line with marijuana, cocaine, and other dangerous and illegal drugs! If that had happened, the market for electronic cigarettes would, of course, plummeted, and possibly disappeared altogether.

Of course, the new overhanging concern is that e-cigarettes really aren’t the same, in any degree, as traditional, tobacco filled cigarettes (or tobacco products in any shape or form), and should therefore be regarded as a much healthier, safer product. There certainly are no risky effects that can be documented so far! After all, unless one has sat for hours with their head near an under water thermal vent, no one ever contracted cancer from breathing in “second hand water vapor”!

The United States FDA currently “controls” the manufacture, distribution, and sale of all tobacco products in the country. Whether this will result in any real changes for the future tobacco market remains to be seen. Huge tobacco conglomerates continue to control their share of Congressman, so the answer is likely negative. With the recent ban on “flavored” cigarettes, who knows what else can or will occur now that e cigarettes are part of the market as well?

Sometimes it isn’t just the FDA trying to ban the e cigarettes.

There have also, of course, been attempts in Vermont, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, and Utah to ban the e cigarette  importation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of any and all e-cigarette products in that state. While such bans have so far been regarded as unconstitutional, who knows how long that argument will hold out?

Electronic cigarettes, so far, are perfectly legal in the United States. Whether this remains the case will depend on the attention of voters to resist further restrictions and bans. Those who enjoy e-cigarettes should therefore pay all possible attention to developing current events in the legal world!