How Can I Stop Smoking Cigarettes – E-Cigarette



You may be asking yourself… How can I stop smoking cigarettes?


It’s an honest question, and I never knew quite how to answer it. Smoking has been a part of my life since I was 17 years old, and to suddenly quit smoking would be a shock to my system. Indeed, smoking cigarettes has been a part of my daily routine for so long that I really wouldn’t know what to do with myself afterward. The internet is full of similar stories about people who decided they needed to quit smoking, many of whom attempted to do so cold turkey. Did they succeed? Well, some did, some didn’t. Quitting smoking cold turkey is a hell of a task to undertake. Many people resort to smoking aids such as patches and nicotine gum. In any case, with all of the information about cigarettes, in particular the health hazards that come from long time nicotine use, I was determined to give smoking cessation a good try.


I decided to quit. The idea that smokers lose weight by suppressing their appetite had been a powerful incentive to try smoking in the first place, but I was determined to take my chances. I could always diet, right? Tips on ways of quitting the use of cigarettes are cached all over the internet, as any cursory search will reveal. Ignorance is no excuse! So, similar to many of you who have already taken the plunge, I decided to quit for good. Tobacco is an ugly habit I am truly determined to break. I can’t do it cold, and the idea of quitting cold turkey is simply not for me. It’s a similar story for most of you, right? Turkey is just not on our menu! 


Nonetheless, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) certainly recommends that we quit smoking cold turkey, if need be. So are there any alternatives to smoking cigarettes that aren’t too difficult to bother with and really help at all? Perhaps the recent rise of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are now commonly called, has a lot to say about the need for people to seriously quit smoking cigarettes, at least the traditional, tobacco filled variety. For those of you who, like me, find quitting smoking cold turkey too much of a psychic upheaval, perhaps switching to E-cigs really does offer a safe, viable, alternative. The CDC can only agree. 


Smoking is so much a part of my daily routine that I really can’t do without it. So, perhaps if I simply quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and switch to E-cigs, then smoking cigarettes won’t be so bad for me after all. That was the reasoning I employed when I made the decision to quit. Many similar reviews on the internet reasoned likewise, so I decided to try my first E-cig. Anything was better than quitting cold turkey! Once again, no turkey on the menu for me! Stopping smoking cold was too much, so E-cigs, here I come! 


The amazing thing was, once I tried my first e-cigarette, there was no going back. Of all the smoking aids and ways to quit cigarettes, e-cigs are, by far, the most satisfying, most effective way to alter your smoking habits for the better. If your reason for smoking was to lose weight, relax! Of all the smoking cessation aids available, e-cigs are the best substitute for smoking, so your appetite won’t rage out of control once you quit nicotine. Of all the tips you could search for and information on the internet, electronic cigarettes are the best discovery you could make. Electronic cigarettes feature so many similar ways of smoking that you really won’t want to return to dirty, health hazardous, traditional cigarettes ever again. Yes, they really are a good tobacco substitute – the very best! You’ll want to dump nicotine cold once you try an electronic cigarette. The sensation of smoking hot water vapor is too good to be denied!


So, no, it’s not the same as stopping smoking cold turkey. It’s far superior! If you really want to quit smoking cigarettes, then get a hold of all the information about smoking cigarettes cached on the internet, and compare for yourself! Quit smoking cold, clammy tobacco cigs, and fire up some e-cig vapor today! The sensation is simply so novel, and so delicious, that you will thank yourself for finally getting up the courage to make the switch and come out of the cold. 


With electronic cigarettes, there’s no more ash mess, no more second hand smoke, and no more stale, musty stench! When you finish an e-cigarette cartridge, simply discard it in the waste bin and walk away. And the cartridges last for nearly all day and usually cost half as much as a full pack of regular cigs , so you’re not always scrounging in your pockets for spare change for another pack of smokes and you will actually be saving a good amount of money.


Simply put, the e-cigarette is the future, and you may as well join ‘em, because you certainly can’t beat them!