Electronic Cigarette The Latest Smoking Tool

“Smoking is injurious to health”, “Tobacco seriously damages health”, “Tobacco smoking kills”, “Tobacco causes cancer”- are often the statutory warnings seen on the wrappers of smoking kits. But, with the advent of electronic cigarettes from the year 2003, people across the globe have started paying no importance to these warnings. What is after all this electronic cigarette might be your question, if you are still not aware of these modern electronic cigarettes available in the global market. Well then, do you find yourself one among these people? You need not worry at all. Your answer goes here.


What is an electronic cigarette?

  • An electronic cigarette is nothing but an electrical device which serves as an alternative to the traditional, age old tobacco filled cigarettes.
  • It resembles a regular cigarette in every way except the fact that it does not contain tobacco and hence does not burn tobacco. It thus produces no smoke, but gives the same smell and flavor of nicotine. It too offers the same physical sensation as that of a regular cigarette to the smoker or inhaler.
  • The electronic cigarette unlike the tobacco stuffed cigarette has no harmful or adverse effects on humans.
  • It is a portable product and only needs to be charged on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the amount of charge consumed.


Origin of electronic cigarettes

The technically equipped electronic cigarettes were first invented by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in the year 2003 and brought into the market the next year. The name of the electronic cigarette was later changed to”Ruyan” meaning “to resemble smoking” by the company named Golden Dragon Holdings, which started exporting these electronic cigarettes from the year 2005. The cigarette got its international patent in the year 2007.


Components of an e-cigarette

The components of an e-cig include:

  • A CARTRIDGE: A cartridge or a mouth piece is a small container full of liquid that is to be vaporized. One end of this plastic material is for attaching it to the atomizer and the other end to the user’s lips.
  • An ATOMIZER:  An atomizer is basically a heating element meant for vaporizing the liquid from the cartridge. It comprises of a filament and a mesh.
  • A CARTOMIZER: To cut down the expenses of the various components of an e-cigarette and to improve the performance of an atomizer, when it starts degrading, often a component known as cartomizer is used, which is cheap and a mixture of atomizer and cartridge.
  • A POWER SUPPLY: a battery is used for supplying power to the portable smoking device. Usually, lithium rechargeable batteries are used in the almost all the electronic cigarettes.


How does an e-cigarette work?

The working of an electronic cigarette is quite simple. The cartridge is the reservoir of liquid. The electronic cigarette liquid or the cigarette juice used inside is a propylene glycol or a glycerin contained solution. As soon as the cartridge is attached to the e-cigarette, the cartridge filler (which is a polyester dipped in the liquid solution present inside the e-cig) comes in contact with the bridge of the atomizer and by the combined action of gravity and capillary, the electronic cigarette liquid or the electronic cigarette juice is drawn through the atomizer’s bridge into the atomizer mesh reservoir, which ultimately holds the electronic cigarette liquid.

Now, when the smoker or the user takes a puff from the e-cig, this cigarette liquid gets transferred to the atomizer pot from the atomizer reservoir. This juice or liquid is now absorbed by wick and the coil of the wick gets simultaneously heated up by the heating element- the atomizer, which keeps on heating the liquid until it gets transformed into vapor or mist. This vapor rises up through the mouth-piece of the electronic cigarette and reaches the mouth of the smoker and gives him an extraordinary feeling of having a real and traditional cigarette.


Flavored e-cigarettes

E-cigs with a variety of exotic flavors are available in the market, among which the menthol electronic cigarette and the usual tobacco electronic cigarettes are in huge demand. Apart from these two flavors, the electronic cigarettes are also sold in coffee, cola, vanilla, strawberry, Boston cream pie food flavors. The electronic cigarettes come in various sizes even. They are the microelectronic cigarette, mini electronic cigarette, super mini electronic cigarette.


Benefits of the electronic cigarettes

These smokeless electronic cigarettes have proved to work miraculously, reducing all kinds of health problems of people and saving millions of young lives across the world. These have greatly reduced the chances of heart attack, lung cancer, oral cancer, respiratory tract disorders, heart disease, stomach cancer and more harmful diseases related to the traditional tobacco smoking. Moreover, since e-cigarette smoking is legally accepted, hence one can smoke at those places where tobacco smoking is banned or prohibited.


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The electronic cigarettes are now available worldwide and one can purchase them anytime he feels like. But, if you are thinking from exactly where to buy electronic cigarettes, then you must know that you can buy electronic cigarettes from any authorized wholesale electronic cigarette dealer, or any electronic cigarette company, any electronic cigarette store, or buy electronic cigarettes online. But, one should stay careful while selecting the electronic cigarette brand.

In order to get the cheapest e-cig, one should not comprise with its quality. Before buying them, one should compare his e-cigarette with the existing ones in the market and finally get the best electronic cigarette for himself. If one is still confused, then he should go through the electronic cigarette reviews posted by several users across the world and check the appropriate electronic cigarette price simultaneously. Though, free electronic cigarettes are hard to find, but there are many electronic cigarette brands like the luci electronic cigarette which offers the same at highly affordable and nominal charges. These even provide free shipping and discounts. So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Get the best electronic cigarette for yourself and see the positive changes in your daily life.