Cigarettes: They’re Not Dangerous Anymore!

Cigarettes: They’re Not Dangerous Anymore!

Cigarettes are bad for your health. Everyone agrees on that. In fact the Center for Disease Control has said that tobacco use “is the single most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States”.

e cigsCigarette tobacco contains over 4,000 chemical compounds, 200 of which are poisonous, and 60 of which are known carcinogens (cancer causing). Smoking is linked to an enormous list of problems, including stroke, anxiety, depression, macular degeneration, cataracts, Graves disease, thyroid disease, wrinkles, premature aging, gum disease, cancer to the lips, mouth, throat, and larynx, cancer of the esophagus, poor circulation, peripheral vascular disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, coronary artery disease, stroke, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, liver cancer, stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, Crohn’s Disease, high blood pressure, bladder cancer, osteoporosis, degenerative disk disease, infertility, impotence, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, leukemia, cervical cancer, weakened immune system, Alzheimer’s, miscarriages, still-born births, reduced aerobic capacity, reduction in muscle growth from exercise, increased recovery times from exercise, injury, or illness, and genetic mutations which may be passed on to children.

And that’s just for starters!

Smoking Restrictions: Tried and Failed

smoking banTo fight back against tobacco smoke and related problems, one solution many people sought was to restrict how cigarettes can be used indoors. Setting up a “non-smoking” section of a restaurant is just one example. However, over time people realized that having a no-smoking section of a restaurant was like having a no-peeing section of a swimming pool. And while smoking is a choice, breathing is not. Smoking restrictions steadily progressed all over the world, and today many countries have banned smoking indoors in public buildings. And it’s no wonder – the harmful effects of second hand smoke have been well studied and documented. You smoke and we get the cancer.

That’s the way it was until a genius by the name of Hon Lik in China developed the world’s first electronic cigarette in 2003, which made smoking not only safe, but arguably healthy.

Electric Cigarettes, The Safer Way To Smoke!

e cigaretteThe electric cigarette will forever change the way people smoke. While tobacco contains thousands of chemicals, the E-cigarettes contains a water, nicotine, propylene glycol (a common food additive), and flavor. No health detriments have been conclusively proven through their use. A study from the University of Nottingham has states that cancer causing substances found in e-cigarettes are present “below harmful levels”.
Electric cigarettes heat a nicotine containing liquid into a vapor, which the user then puffs. Blowing the vapor out does not disturb those around the smoker, and as such, electric cigarettes can be used in clubs and pubs where tobacco cigarettes are banned. No second hand smoke. No giving your friends cancer. You can also fall to sleep with an electric cigarette in your mouth and not worry about burns on the bed sheets. To top it off, you save money! Replacing the liquid for E-cigs is much cheaper than buying another pack of T-cigs. Over a year you can save upwards of $1,500, so score one for financial safety while you’re at it.

Imagine that. Who’d have ever thought we would discover a way to make smoking safe.