Ban On E Cigarettes In Vermont?



Legislators in the state of Vermont have recently been trying to impose a state wide ban on the importation, distribution, and sale of electronic cigarettes within its borders. This follows similar measures which law makers in other nations have tried to enact, chiefly in France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. They have attempted to introduce legislation which would make it illegal to import, sell, or possess e cigarettes in Vermont. The issue has never been more timely.

The American market for electronic cigarettes has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and is expected to continue doing so, at frankly an astonishing rate. This unprecedented growth naturally leaves domestic manufacturers of traditional tobacco products feeling very nervous. There is a general consensus among the American fans of e cigarettes that Big Tobacco is somehow pressuring domestic state and federal law makers into issuing these bizarre restrictions and outright bans. Whether this is the case remains to be seen. However, it is an open secret that agents (lobbyists) of Big Tobacco are to be discovered, moving freely about the halls of state and federal legislative offices, such as the Capitol, House of Representatives, and all state and territorial Senates. So, this news really comes as no surprise to those who have been actively following the case.

The market for electronic cigarettes is said to be currently in expectation of growing by 400% (four times its present sales figures) by the year 2014. This assertion has been issued by Thomas Kiklas, who is the co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. He claims that, in the year 2010, manufacturers and distributors of e cigarettes were able to sell nearly 750,000 units of electronic cigarettes in the United States and its associated territories.

This unprecedented claim is surely enough to send a major scare through the callous nerve systems of Big Tobacco and all of its paid lobbyists and agents, as well as the state and federal legislators that it currently controls. Not only are most current makes and models of e cigarettes manufactured overseas (chiefly in China), but they pose a growing threat to the sales and distribution of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes which are domestically grown in the United States and its associated territories. This alone is enough to send the paid agents of Big Tobacco scurrying into the halls of federal and state legislative houses, demanding protective and retaliatory legislation against electronic cigarettes, in order to protect its monopolistic strangle hold on the American market – and public.

So far, such legislative measures have failed. This latest legislation in Vermont against e cigarettes is being looked at as a possible litmus test for any and all such future restrictions, regulations, and bans which are to be enacted elsewhere in the United States and its territories. By “localizing” such events to specific states, the opponents of electronic cigarettes hope to sneak in “under the radar”. It’s up to the active and vocal users of e cigarettes to resist such tyrannical and deceptive measures, and to make known their opposition to any and all such draconian measures enacted against the electronic cigarette.