Videos About Silver Investing Silver Snowball Review

Silver InvestingSilver investing could be very profitable.


I’ve been buying silver ever since the price started sky rocketing in March of 2011. Since then the price has come down a little and I have actually taken a small loss on some of the silver I bought just two weeks ago when it was almost $50 and ounce. There are several shops here in San Jose that sell 1 ounce silver rounds for up to %20 percent over spot price, that was too steep of a markup for me so I started buying silver online.

I found an online program that ships silver directly to my doorstep every month! I don’t feel comfortable having electronic funds in the bank, I would rather invest in a hard asset something tangible. Because gold is well over $1K per ounce I feel it’s time for silver to start making its move.

Have you decided that silver investing is a good idea?

So I found this program by watching youtube videos about silver investing. The program works, silver prices will go up, more and more people are buying silver eagles, silver bars and silver rounds all you have to do is sign up and tell people about it to get your ball rolling.

Ed, the inventor of the program, is very good about keeping you updated on the current trends in the silver market. So far my silverball is rolling right along even if you don’t like the idea of the snowball program, don’t wait to jump on the silvertrain slash silverbullet or what ever you want to call it. Get some silver from the local coin shop if you prefer to do it that way. The demand is going up so it is a win win if you already have silver. The program is convenient and its easy, if you start ordering silver online you will get some real value in your hands every month!

Don’t wait too long because silver investing will only get more expensive to do if the dollar ever does crash completely!

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