Using The Floracopeia Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer

Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer

Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer

I received my package of Floracopeia Essential Oils on Mother’s Day.  At least essential oils was what I thought was in it when I got it in the mail.  When I opened it, I found a brand new state of the art Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer too!  I had always wanted one but I knew they were like $70.00 and even though all my friends who were into Floracopeia seemed to have them in their offices, healing spaces and homes, I just didn’t know enough about the benefits to feel justified in going ahead with buying it yet.  I like to do my homework and know what I am getting, especially when I spend over 50.00!  At first I thought, “Oh no, there was a problem with the order and they accidentally sent this to me!” but because my brother had done the actual ordering for me with his credit card, I suspected he was giving me a little Mother’s Day surprise.  I did call and make sure though…lol!  He said yes, he sent it as a surprise along with some extra samples of oils he was actually interested in knowing more about and picked for me to try out for him!

I wanted to try out my new Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer right away, but ‘m not really big on reading too many directions for things these days.  I have a little 9 month old baby, and I don’t really have free hands for much!  So it was a kind of funny test run, I just sort of started pressing some buttons on it and actually did get it to work pretty easily.  I read some basics (with one hand) like which parts were what on it,  but haven’t had a chance to read further to figure out how to use the timer or the 3 or 4 different interval options I think it said it has.  I think it said it can turn off for say 15 minutes and back on for 15 minutes, or other time options like that.   I just tried to get it to work on the highest level it goes with the most mist coming out at a time consistently, to see what that was like.  The first time it was really nice and I got a great aroma going in the room with the Relax blend which is a combination of Rhododendron & Lavender.  It was late and I was exhausted so I just left it going while I fell asleep and after about 5 hours all the water was used up and I guess it just automatically turned off.   I think I had pretty sweet dreams that night..hehe!  I really like this automatic shut off thing because if I forget about it as I’m running out the door to pick up my older son at the bus stop or decide to not come home or I fall asleep it’s not a problem.  It won’t just keep running on empty, all dried out and burn out any motor or anything weird like that.

The second time I used it I think I blissed out!  I turned it on first thing in the morning after my morning Spiritual Practice and this was a really nice way to start the day!  It was sort of a cloudy and depressing day and I was in a bit of bummer mood I suppose, so I turned it on.  I used the Relax Oil Blend again and just lay on my bed looking at my lovely view of the nearby forest.  I felt pretty euphoric and had many inspired and sweet dreamy thoughts coming and going after a while.  I felt really inspired and was having all sorts of fun & creative ideas and visions coming to me about my life and future goals etc.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was feeling so blissed after turning on the diffuser because I don’t have so many blissful moments these days as I’ve been under a lot of stress with remodeling and being a single mom to a 9 month old teething!  I know I need to make more time for myself to just “Relax”..haha and rejuvenate myself so I have more energy as a mom.   And this was one of the main inspirations that came to me during that second Aromatherapy Diffuser session.

I still haven’t really found a good place in my room to put the Aromatherapy Diffuser Nebulizer yet because I’m in the middle of remodeling and there is stuff everywhere right now.  I tried setting it up high on a shelf in my bedroom, which was the only place the baby couldn’t get to it either but I accidentally pulled the chord and the whole thing fell down and water spilled all over my Macbook..arggghhhh!  Luckily no damage was done!  Don’t try that or put it near your computer either!  I am remodeling a room that will be a Temple & Healing space/guestroom and I think maybe that may be the better place for it, although I suspect I’ll probably just drag it back over here when I want to use it in my bedroom again soon and then just move it again until I have more space for it in my bedroom which is where I think I’ll use it most.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with it again soon and seeing if I Bliss out some more, cause I really need to for my sanity..tee hee.

More soon…Namaste!