Floracopeia Customer Service Review

Floracopeia Essential Oils Positive Customer Service Experience!

Floracopeia SamplesA few days ago I looked closer at the little bottles I received and noticed that only 2 of them were filled while the rest looked almost empty!  I was confused and bummed because I thought I had read on the Floracopeia’s website that I would receive some filled bottle of essential oils.  I confess I thought I had figured out a way to get away with a little something and try a lot of essential oils out for a low price and honestly I thought I was getting a bit more for my money, so it serves me right I suppose for trying to be a bit sneaky!  I just thought it would be a very small bottle they would send, but the bottle was larger than I expected when it came so I didn’t understand how I was getting so much oil at prices like $5.00/bottle. Another thing that I didn’t understand was why there were 2 bottles that were in fact full.  These were the Palo Santo and the Tea Tree oil.  So, I was really confused because when I went back and read the samples page again I still thought I understood it to say I would receive a filled dram bottle.


I decided to call the customer service line and find out what was going on.  I got a voice mail so I left a rather huffy message I think.  I was pretty upset because I thought they had sent me empty bottles and I didn’t want to recommend this company if this was the sort of careless or shady business they were doing!  I said something like “I’m really disappointed because I thought I read on your site I was receiving some filled bottle of essential oils and you sent me a bunch of empty containers and if this might happen to someone else, etc…”  I got a very quick call back but couldn’t take the call so I received a message from a lovely woman with a very nice calm and genuinely concerned phone voice.  She said that it may seem like there isn’t that much of the essential oils but really there is only suppose to be a little oil in each container due to it being a sample.  She was also nice enough to apologize for any inconvenience and to say that if I had any further questions to please call her back and we could have a conversation about it.  She was very nice and clear and I felt really good about how she handled my disappointment without making me feel bad since it was my own misunderstanding.

Really I give my Floracopeia customer service review a huge thumbs up!

I did go back onto the site again and I noticed that it was in fact a misunderstanding on my part with the way the words were written. I think more like, I read what I wanted to read…lol!  It says clearly, “All sample testers come in a dram sized bottle with a tester wand.  Each is filled with 1/4 dram (.94 ml) of essential oils.”  I thought filled meant the bottle was filled and I thought the name of the bottle was dram!  I found this out when I actually checked google dictionary the word dram and found out it means an infinitely small amount of liquid (1/8 of an oz.) and what Floracopeia was saying was that it was 1/4 of a dram.  Ok, so this made sense.  I still don’t know why I got 2 full bottles of Palo Santo and Tea Tree oil, but I imagine that they probably had an abundance of these essential oils and just gave me a little extra this time.  I haven’t bothered to call and ask.  Maybe I will at some point.


I was actually happy to have had the whole experience in the end though, because it gave me a good idea of what the customer service at Floracopeia is like.  I saw that they have very high integrity people working for them with really good communication skills, and they return calls very fast which I think is crucial when trying to problem solve!  So, all in all it was good that this happened and I was able to learn more about Floracopeia’s business standards and know that the people I send to Floracopeia will be in good hands in the future and will get the help they need when and if they have any questions or concerns regarding their products.

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