Aromatherapy Benefits for Mothers and Children

Aromatherapy Benefits
As a Mother of an almost 9 year old and a 9 month old baby I can get pretty tired out these days.  I will sometimes get out of bed and hit the floor running at 6:30 am, which is usually when the baby wakes up.  Then I don’t stop going all day long sometimes, until even maybe midnight after I’m done working on my homebusiness.  It can just be really crazy some days, and I just don’t get a chance to rest and rejuvenate.  I have started using these Aromatherapy oils that I discovered from Floracopeia though, and they really help a lot to get through the day!  I just blend a drop of a few different oils together on my wrist and do what is called a “direct palm inhallation.”  It’s quick and easy and it’s instant gratification!  I feel different right away!  I’ve noticed the Aromatherapy benefits are for both for my children and me at the same time, which is so great!  I’m really into using these new Aromatherapy blends I’ve created; I mixed it with Floracopeia’s Dawn Blooming Jasmine (sweet, refreshing & uplifting), Cardamon (sweet, spicy and earthy) and Jatamansi (musky and aka: Spikenard~an Aurvedic herb from India used for grounding and calming.)

I like to use Aromatherapy oils by Floracopeia when I want to enhance a good mood I’m already in or to totally just shift out of the mood I’m in (the not good moods.)  I really notice a full body experience when I use the Floracopeia oils.  I never really noticed much of anything with other Aromatherapy oils I’ve tried.  I’d tried these Young Living Essential Oils, but honestly I didn’t sense anything special.  Maybe I’m just more sensitive to energy and since I originally learned about these Aromatherapy oils from friends I really respect and trust who were pretty close with the owners of Foracopeia. I was able to open my senses to the Aromatherapy benefits even more.  I really like having more of a personal connection to a product I use, and hearing about products through word of mouth.  Anyway, these oils just lift me to another place.  I notice the biggest change in my thought patterns.  I can literally see my belief patterns shifting to be more inspired and positive and I just all around feel amazing with these Aromatherapy oils.

I’ve also noticed that when I put the Aromatherapy oils on, both of my children react so positively to it.  They smile and get giddy and seem so relaxed and playful.  My youngest baby is 9 months and already has 9 teeth and is teething 2 more presently.  I ran out of teething medicine (my favorite homeopaths Camillia) and I just randomly grabbed for some Aromatherapy oils by the bed (the blend above) and it worked amazingly for my baby.  He went from pretty bad screaming that had me getting pretty upset too, to calm, smiling and laughing while I changed his diaper and fully clothed him.  Then I was able to nurse him to sleep in 5 minutes, he was so relaxed!  This was an awesome back up plan and I’m doing more research about other oils to use specifically for teething in the future.  This is just what I had on hand!  It showed me that the Aromatherapy benefits can be numerous.  I also used Lavender in the bath with my older son when he was a toddler and would throw tantrums or just when he was having one of those rough days and needed to calm down.  It always worked wonders for him and for me.  Also, Floracopeia’s Green Chamomile is nice and gentle and soothing too for children.  I’m going to continue doing regular research on Aromatherapy benefits for Mothers and our children.  I recently found out Aromatherapy oils can be used in a base of Aloe Vera Gel too, which is Lovely to use as a moisturizer for sun dried skin, to heal boo boos and we’ve actually begun eating it too believe it or not!

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