White Cloud E Cigarette Review: Cirrus II

White Cloud E CigaretteThe White Cloud E Cigarette company called “White Cloud™ Cigarette” thrives on its honest reputation and representation of their products. They are in the Top five of the best e cigarettes on the market today as far as I am concerned. There are a lot of junk e cigarettes and if you happen to buy one it may ruin your whole e cigarette experience all together.

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When you visit the Official www.WhiteCloudCigarettes.com website you will get what they say. A high quality e cigarette with the option of purchasing a 2 year warranty even. This warranty will also make sure you can receive a free battery during the second year. The battery is now smaller and significantly lighter in weight. You can actually hold it like a real cigarette and not feel the heavy battery like many 2-piece versions of e cigarettes. In fact it’s the lightest of its size I have tried yet.

White Cloud E Cigarette Cirrus IIYes I did say it is another 2-piece design and I really have grown to enjoy most of the 2-piece versions simply because they are simple to use. I tried using the e-liquids but found it to be a mess most of the time. The cartridge with atomizer built in is the way to go. Atomizers can get expensive and now they are built in with the nicotine so they are always fresh and working optimally. Using the White Cloud™ Cigarettes Cirrus II for nearly a week now and every flavor has had a consistent fresh experience through the whole cartridge. No stale flavors either. These cartridges last longer than expected. The White Cloud™ Cigarettes cartridges seemed to last at least 100 puffs more than most others. I still can’t get over this vapor smoke too, it really looks like smoke!

So far I have tried the Chocolate, Vanilla, Tobacco, and Espresso.  I am going to get the Menthol and Clove flavors next even though typically I don’t care for these flavors. I figured I might as well try them since the four others I tried were really good. Not to mention my friend has been bugging me to find him a clove flavored e cigarette to try out since he loves those cloves but doesn’t want to die from smoking them, they are even harsher on your lungs than regular tobacco cigarettes even which are bad enough.

The Tobacco was a mild blend flavor which is what I was used to when I smoked regular tobacco cigarettes. The Vanilla was kind of sweet but not too sweet and the hint of Vanilla as expected. The Chocolate reminded me of a smooth dark chocolate flavor. The Espresso was spot on and I am picky about my coffee. I never get cheap coffee from local stores or Starbucks even so White Cloud™ Cigarettes seriously spent some time to get this flavor kicking ass.

Here is how they indicate the strength and flavors of your SimpleSmoke cartridge.
X = Extra Strength
F = Full Strength
L = Light
UL = Ultra Light
NF = Nicotine Free

R = Regular (Tobacco) Flavor
E = Espresso
C = Chocolate
V = Vanilla
M = Menthol
CL= Clove

e cigarette batterye cigarette battery chargingThe batteries for the White Cloud™ Cigarettes Cirrus II surprisingly lasted as long as they claim. It kind of amazed me because when I first saw that they claimed it to last 7.5 hours per charge I thought wow now there is a huge exaggeration! I mean most e cigarette companies do exaggerate some but not this much. Low and behold they lasted about 6.5-7.5 hours per charge when I smoked on it as often I would have smoked about a whole pack worth throughout the day! Ok, now I see why their batteries are a bit on the pricey side, so White Cloud™ Cigarettes can live up to their claim on this as well.

My overall analysis for the White Cloud™ Cigarettes Cirrus II is that this is a fantastic e cigarette. It is simple to use quick to charge, only 50 minutes, and has flavors that are very pleasant. The Vapor is thick and smoke like. I can easily puff out some fat smoke rings that float away for a bit in my office. Not much for a smell either which is great so it won’t likely bother anyone around you. It’s so light to hold between your fingers with this new design too. This is a “Top Notch E Cigarette” if you can afford to spend a little more than usual and with the warranty it won’t even be an issue since you will be saving more money in the long run not buying replacements every few months.

Be sure to check out their ongoing sales of different flavor cartridges. Also Free shipping on orders over $50 anywhere in the US, in Florida zone 1 will receive automatic next day delivery. International orders $16 anywhere you live. All orders get shipped fast. To get your own White Cloud™ Cigarettes Cirrus II visit their Official Website today. Remember nothing is more important when it comes to your health.

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