Watch Out For The E Cigarette Scam!

Warning! Do not be fooled by phony e cigarette scam “giveaways”!

I recently searched google for “v2 cigs review” to see if a review I wrote would come up in the search results (it didn’t), but what I did see in the number one position, actually it turned out to be a paid for ad, was a free giveaway for e cigarette brand e cigs. This is not a free giveaway, in fact it is a scam meant to trick people that are interested in getting a good e cigarette (made by v2 cigs), instead signing up for a “free” e cigarette kit, that is of crappy quality, and in the long run costs a lot more than those made by V2 cigs.

As I remember it, Google originally just gave search results. This was nice and everyone liked it. Then they started allowing advertisers to pay for

e cigarette scam pic

This Is The Scam Ad I Found. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

ads that popped up on the margins. These were still easily recognizable as ads because they only appeared in the margins. Then later the advertising space stopped appearing in the margins and instead the ads were put at the top of the search results. Still it was obvious that these were paid for ads and not organic search results because they were highlighted with a pink background.

Now Google has gone a step further to hide their advertising space in with search results. They still put them in the same place, but now the background used to highlight the ads is almost impossible to distinguish. Now in order to recognize the ads for what they are, every time I do a search with Google I have to tilt my screen back and forth so that I can distinguish them from the white background.

These techniques Google is using to hide advertisements in with search results are misleading, dubious, and could almost be construed as “evil”. By hiding ads in with organic search results a lot of people do not realize that they are not getting real search results for what they want, but are instead getting what advertisers are paying for them to see instead. Typically this isn’t such a terrible thing, but on occasion, such as this, it can be an insidious way for scammers to abuse Google and trick people into paying more money for inferior products.

v2 cigs standard starter kit

Here Is What A Real E Cig Starter Kit Looks Like

This particular ad for instance, disguised as a press release, directs viewers to a “Electronic Vapor Kit Free Trial Offer” with the warning that “supplies are limited”. Do not be fooled. It is not free, and there is no end of their supply of inferior e cigarette kits. If you click on the add, and ask to be sent your “free” e cigarette kit, you will be asked for your credit card information to pay for shipping and handling. If you don’t look carefully at the grey on black background fine print you might not notice the “Exclusive Offer Terms: By placing an order you will be enrolled in our refill membership program. This program will ship 10 refills (equivalent to 20 packs of traditional cigarettes) for $99.99 + s/h on the 15th day and $79.99 + s/h every 30 days thereafter.”

This is a total scam! I feel really bad for all the people that got tricked already into buying these inferior kits at a horrible cost. Most people probably don’t see that part of the refill membership program, and so are surprised when they finally notice their credit card being charged a month or two later.

Had that person not been tricked by Google and ultimately the advertiser into clicking on a fake search result ad, they probably would have read a real V2 Cigs review, liked what they heard, and ordered a superior quality e cigarette kit from V2 Cigs. That kit would cost less than $99.99 and come with 10 or more refill cartridges. When they ran out of refill cartridges they could order more as they wanted them (10 cartridges would cost less than $25. Yes that is correct. V2 Cigs charges 75 dollars less per 10 refill cartridges than the “free” e cigarette kits offered by ecigsbrand dot com.

Worse yet, while writing this article I did a search for just the keywords “V2 Cigs” again, at the top of the page,  the same fake press release ad comes up before the V2 Cigs website. I am surprised that this kind of sneaky trickery is allowed by Google, or even legal, for that matter.

Whatever you do, do not fall for this e cigarette scam and end up paying a lot more for a crappy, inferior, e cigarette kit. The reason ecigsbrand dot com is targeting the keywords “v2 Cigs” for their scam is because V2 Cigs is the most popular, and probably the highest quality, e cigarette available anywhere. Ecigsbrand dot com is obviously trying to cash in on the popularity of v2 cigs with their scam offer of a free trial kit.

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