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The All New Line Of Vapor Couture E Cigarettes Is Here!

Vapor Couture Deep Purple Battery With Cartridge

Today is the official release of Vapor Couture, a brand new line of e cigarettes, designed just for the ladies. Never before has an e cigarette been made that so elegantly, combines style with functionality. Not only do they produce thick vapor that tastes about as close to the real thing as possible, they also manage to make it stylish and affordable. This is the first time someone has attempted to merge aesthetics with function in an e cigarette, and they pulled it off seamlessly.

The batteries have been designed to be ultra thin and slim, as well as a little longer than usual. It is a huge improvement from the bulky and cumbersome e cig batteries we are all used to. They have been made available in four different colors, each with its own complementary colored LED jewel tip. To complete the look, all Vapor Couture cartridges, no matter the flavor, come in matching colors to the batteries themselves.

Vapor Couture is offering three different starter kits. The base starter kit is called The Essentials Kit, and it includes:

  • 2 batteries (your choice of color)
  • A wall charger
  • A mini USB charger
  • 1 five pack of cartridges (your choice of color, flavor, and strength)
  • And of course, a owners manualVapor Couture Deluxe Kit

The next step up is the VC Deluxe Kit, and it comes with:

  • 2 batteries (your choice of color)
  • A wall charger
  • A mini USB charger
  • 2 five packs of cartridges (your choice of color, flavor, and strength)
  • The exclusive Vapor Couture clutch carrying case for your whole kit
  • And of course, a owners manual

Finally there is the VC Sampler Deluxe Kit.

It includes everything the deluxe kit comes with, but instead of your choice of 2 five pack cartridges, the sampler kit comes standard with one 5 pack of each of the four flavors available. The cartridges are still available in your choice of color and nicotine strength. It is only ten dollars more than the deluxe kit. So if you are not sure which cartridge flavors you want to try, or just want to try them all for fun, it is definitely the way to go.

All of the batteries included with these kits are available in your choice of color. The colors Vapor Couture Jewel Tip Batteryso far made available by VC are deep purple, polished steel, rose gold, and the signature white lace VC design. As noted above each comes with a LED jewel tip that is chosen to complement the color of the battery. The batteries themselves are not only the sleekest most stylish made to date, they also work really well. I have personally tested the time they last in between charges, as well as the vapor clouds produced, and both are impressive. The batteries last for up to six hours of continuous use, which is as good as the best, and most expensive e cig batteries available. The vapor too is thick, delicious, and easily compares, or surpasses, all other e cigs on the market.

VC Cartridges themselves come in the following four different flavors. Bombshell (a traditional American cigarette flavor), Rodeo Drive (based on the flavor of Turkish tobacco cigarettes), Passion Fruit (blended to be fruity and sweet), and of course Fresh Mint (for those of us that like menthols). I so far have only tried the Bombshell, and the Fresh Mint. Each of those two were impressively good, and I don’t doubt the others are just as tasty or even possibly tastier. I already ordered myself one of each just to try them out. Plus there are two more flavors Champagne, and Arctic Mint, that Vapor Couture has yet to release. Each cartridge flavor is available in any nicotine strength ranging from zero (0mg), lite (6mg), medium (12mg), or full (18mg). As I 2 VC Batteriesmentioned earlier, all flavors and nicotine strengths are available in any of the four available battery colors. This makes it possible to match any battery with any flavored cartridge for a composed, concise look.

It is here. The best, hottest e cig to hit the market to date. Specially designed for the ladies, with a stylish look you will not find anywhere else. For anyone lucky enough to find this Vapor Couture review I have included an exclusive 10% off discount code that applies to any purchases made from Vapor Couture. Don’t forget to type it in at checkout because it will save you some money on your whole order, no matter how big or small. I hope you enjoy these new e cigarettes as much as I do. :)

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