V2 Flavor Congress Taste Like Parliament Cigarettes

parliament cigarettesI used to smoke the Parliament cigarettes when they were on sale at my local gas station because for one it was a good deal and they weren’t half bad; for flavor that is. Parliament cigarettes were just a mild flavor of tobacco which I used to prefer.

After using my V2 e-cigarette and trying all their different flavors I finally got to the flavor they call “Congress”. I already tried the “Cowboy” flavor and figured out that it resembles the Marlboro Reds. Puffing on the Congress for about thirty seconds I realized it was their version of the Parliament Cigarettes. I must say too that it was very close to the same taste. I am likely to order this flavor again since it had a nice throat kick to the vapor, the Cowboy was a bit bigger of a kick maybe some would like.

So if you haven’t tried the V2 e-cigarette and their Congress flavor or you already know you liked the Parliament cigarettes I suggest you try it out. Also if you have the White Cloud e-cigarette you can order the V2 e-cigarette Cartridges and they work on the White Cloud e-cigarette as well and vice versa.