V2 Cigs Review Of New V2 Cigs E Liquid And Drip Tips


Save Money With V2 Cigs New Line Of V2 E Liquid

V2 Cigs has just made smoking e cigarettes even more affordable. They have just released there first line of e liquid. Available in 10ml and 25ml bottles. For now they are only being offered in V2 Cigs most popular flavors, which are Reds, Congress, Sahara, and Peppermint. By refilling old cartridges or buying blank cartridges you can cut your refill costs in half, or more.

v2 cigs e liquidFor about twenty dollars you can get a 25ml e liquid bottle. That is enough to refill up twenty five cartridges. Which, if purchased separately, would cost fifty dollars, or more. Using V2 e liquid is possible no matter which brand of e cigarette you use. Either by using V2 blank cartridges, and a universal cartridge adapter (also offered by V2 Cigs), or by simply refilling empty cartridges of whatever e cig brand you already have.

One of the major reasons for V2 Cigs popularity is their excellent blend of e liquids that taste, and feel more like real cigarettes, than any other brand. The most popular cartridge flavors V2 Cigs makes, now being released as e liquids, are modeled after specific brands of cigarettes. Sahara’s are most similar to Camels, Reds tend to taste like Marlboro’s, and peppermint is of course a menthol. This way whatever brand of cigarette you smoke (or used to smoke) you can now enjoy the same flavor in the form of a e cigarette.

One of the other perks you get when you use e liquid to refill your cartridges is that you can always keep it optimally full. By doing so, you insure that each drag is as good as it can possibly be. Furthermore, using e liquid is more environmentally friendly. Less waste is produced when refilling old cartridges, rather than throwing them away each time they run dry.

v2 cigs drip tipsEventually the atomizer in the cartridge you are refilling will run out. I figure it is worth a warning, that by buying e liquid, one cartridge will not last you forever. Rather, it will last a lot longer than it normally would. So buying refill cartridges on occasion will still be necessary. Rest assured it will last long enough for you to enjoy noticeable savings still. It is easy to tell if a atomizer burns out, or gets too dirty to work anymore. The cartridge will simply stop working right.

In addition to the V2 Cigs new line of e liquid, they are also making cartridge refill adapter tips for easy refilling. These new tips (known as drip tips) come in rubber or in stainless steel. They allow you to easily refill your cartridges, and can be left on your e cig as a mouth piece. The rubber tips are soft, and therefore feel a little more like an actual cigarette, further simulating the smoking experience.

V2 Cigs has become the most popular e cigarette on the market. It is easy to see why. Even though they are already the leading brand, they continue to improve on their e cigs, and expand their line of products. They already make the best e cigs by far, and continue to find ways, such as this, to lower the cost for their customers. Earning them a reputation for quality, and trustworthiness.

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