V2 Cigs Releases New Vapor Couture E Cigarettes

V2 Cigs Announces new Vapor Couture e cigarette release!

The biggest news in the e cigarette industry is the release of an entire new line of e cig products from v2 cigs. These new Vapor Couture e cigarettes are clearly being marketed to women, they are obviously going to be the classiest, and highest quality e cigs available anywhere.

New v2 cigs vapor couture kitSince their inception V2 Cigs has risen to the top of the e cigarette industry. They have done this by providing what customers want, at the lowest possible price. By doing this V2 Cigs has made a name for themselves as the most popular e cig brand on the internet. No other company has been able to find such customer base, because no other e cig company delivers the way v2 does.

Since the first time I tried V2 Cigs I stopped bothering to try other e cigs. They boast “the thickest vapor in the business”. They include lifetime warranties on all batteries sold. They make what most people agree to be the best tasting vapor cartridges anywhere. Etc. etc.

I was able to get my hands on a Vapor Couture starter kit before the official release date. Since I got it over a week ago I have been subjecting it to rigorous testing. Both by testing its functionality myself, and by introducing it, and getting opinions from various ladies I know.

How do the new Vapor Couture Cigs look, and how well do they function?

These new e cigs have been designed with an ultra slim battery, similar to the size of a Capri or a Virginia Slim cigarette. The batteries themselves come in a variety of classy colors, and designs. Impressively, the cartridges can be ordered in any flavor to match the color or pattern on the e cigarette battery to complete the look. The light at the end of the e cigarettes has been changed slightly as well. Vapor Couture e cigs have a little “jewel light LED” at the end that fractures the custom colored light so that it sparkles more.

The starter kit I received came with two custom batteries, one in a rose gold color, and the other with a simple black and white lace vapor couture starter kitdesign. It also includes the standard chargers, one for the wall, and another that works with a USB port. The two sets of cartridges I received matched the coloring of the two batteries perfectly, so that when put together it is all one color, instead of the usual mismatched filters. It also included a black ladies clutch, designed specifically for carrying two e cig batteries, a charger, and up to five cartridges. For you guys out there reading this, a clutch is what women call those little purses they carry that don’t have straps. (It has nothing to do with switching between gears. They are called this because it is typically clutched in ones hand. I think… :)

Upon receiving my new Vapor Couture starter kit I started by testing and comparing its functionality to e cigarettes I have tried out before. I found in my tests that V2 Cigs sacraficed nothing in way of quality in order to make the slimmer, more elegant design. The vapor produced is still “the thickest in the business”. The batteries last just as long as the original style. The vapor tastes like a real cigarette, and hits hard enough to make it feel like you are smoking the real thing.

vapor couture batteries and clutchMy girlfriend was obviously my first choice in showing it to a female in order to get her opinion. She was immediately impressed, and wanted to take it to work with her the next day, which I of course agreed to. She came home later and told me that if she had been trying to sell them she could have made a fortune. Apparently all the ladies that went to the bar she works at (co-workers and customers alike) were asking where they could get their own, and wanting to know where she got hers. As a side note, I tried to get her interested in e cigs before, and she never showed much interest, until she saw this one.

After I got it back from her I showed it to some of my other female friends, and got similar responses from most of them. Upon first seeing it, they liked the design and style, but it was when they took a couple puffs, and responded with a shocked look, that it really did taste and feel like smoking a real e cigarette, that I became convinced that these new e cigs are indeed going to be a hit.

So it is with that that I conclude: V2 Cigs has done it again. By doing extensive testing of their own, and asking their customers what they want in an e cig, they have come up with a perfect blend of functionality and design, that is in a year or two, going to be the only e cigarette you see any women smoking. I guarantee it!

Unfortunately, Vapor Couture are not yet up for sale to the general public. That being the case, there are still some unknowns about the new product line.

Will it be priced as affordably as V2 Cigs? Will the cartridge flavors be the same, or will they have a whole new line? Just how many different colors, and skins will be made available with them? Will customers have the choice of a variety of different colored jewel LED lights?

vapor couture batteries and cartridges


As of now I do not know the answers to these questions. Nor does anyone currently know the date on which they will be released to the public. Follow my reviews and I will answer all of these questions, and any others you might have, as soon as the information is made available. One thing I do know is that these are for sure going to be a big hit, and any special lady in your life will be sure to appreciate a Vapor Couture starter kit as a gift. Especially if they are at all interested in quitting smoking.

Bookmark this page. When Vapor Couture e cigs are released I will show you were to get them, and will include information on how to get them at the least possible price.


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