V2 Cigs Offers New Stainless Steel Version Of Batteries Review

I recently read online in an electronic cigarette review that V2 Cigs is now offering batteries in stainless steel.

I Went and checked out the V2 Cigs website and decided I had to order one of the new stainless steel ones. I already like the look and feel of V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes more than any other brand. The new stainless steel battery looks really nice and clean. To be honest I like the look of electronic cigarette more than traditional cigarettes. They seem a lot cleaner and sleeker, V2 Cigs I think recognizes this and purposefully makes they’re e-cigs to be stylish and sleek.

I switched to smoking electronic cigarettes in favor of cigarettes about six months ago. I tried a couple different disposable brands and although I didn’t like them all that much I decided to order a higher quality kit and see if maybe they were better. It turns out they are a lot better. I have since tried out a couple different brands so far my favorite is the V2 Cigs electronic cigarette. They already make one of the nicest looking e-cigs available, so when I found out they were offering a new style of battery in stainless steel I decided I had to get one.

V2 Electronic Cigarette

I ordered my first V2 Cigs starter kit sometime in the beginning of December last year. Since then, I pretty much stopped using all my other e-cigs in favor of my V2. When I ordered my kit V2 cigs was only offering batteries in black or white, so I wasn’t able to order a stainless steel battery with my original order. Instead, I ordered a kit that included two solid black batteries, both different lengths. One is the short one with no button, and the other is a medium length battery with a button.

One of the things I liked about the V2 Cigs website in the first place was that they offer lots of different options. First of all, they offer a wide variety of starter kits so it is possible to get anything from a single battery and charger, to up to five different batteries and multiple chargers. The batteries included in theV2 Cigs starter kits are available in three different lengths. Each battery has the option of being a button style where vapor production is controlled by the user with a small button on the side, or the regular style, where vapor is automatically produced when a drag is taken. Now V2 Cigs also offers they’re batteries in three different colors, black white and stainless steel.

Not only are the batteries offered by V2 Cigs customizable, the cartridges are as well. They offer a wide variety of flavors that come in different colors. More importantly though, if you buy a large order of cartridges V2 cigs will make them whatever flavor you want, even flavors not offered on the website. Additionally you can choose to have them in whatever color you want. This makes it possible to match the color of your e-cig with a particular color cartridge, allowing you to create your own unique style of e-cig.

I usually smoke V2 Cigs “congress” (modeled after the flavor of Parliament cigarettes I think) flavored cartridges which come in a solid dark blue color. I think they will look good with the new stainless steel version of batteries being offered. I kinda wish they had offered the stainless steel batteries when I made my first order but the truth is I wouldn’t mind having a third battery anyway. It is nice to have a few different ones. That way I can have a couple at home, one in my car, one I take with me when I go out (soon to be a sleek looking stainless steel battery). That way wherever I am I am sure to have one around that is fully charged and ready to go.

I placed my order for a new short length stainless steel battery as well as another medium length battery in stainless steel just a minute ago, I can’t wait to see it arrive in the mail next week. I figure if I am going to smoke an e-cig I might as well do it in style!

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