V2 Cigs E-Cigarette Review 2 Recent Testimonial

Recent Testimonial from:  Mark P. Chicago, IL, USA

My girlfriend and I both smoke. I smoke Parliament cigarettes and she smokes Newport 100′s, Cloves, and Dreams (the candy flavored ones), depending on her mood. We recently moved into a new apartment together, where unfortunately, smoking isn’t allowed. We are both used to being able to smoke in the house and severally miss it. Not only that, but to get outside at all you have to go out the front door, down the hall, down the elevator, and through the lobby just to get outside to have a cigarette; now fall is setting in and making it colder out there every night.

A friend of mine showed me an e-cigarette a couple of months ago. I forget what kind, I think maybe the Blu e-cigarette. I took a couple of puffs. It seemed kinda light to me, and the vapor seemed thin, although I do remember  thinking it tasted kinda good. I wasn’t very interested at the time, and didn’t ever see myself smoking one.

I decided because of my current situation, to do some research and see about trying one out. For anyone that doesn’t know, the idea is this: An e-cigarette consists of a battery (made to look like the part of a cigarette that comes stuffed with tobacco), a cartridge that contains a liquid nicotine blend (made to look like the filter of a cigarette), and an “atomizer” a tiny device that heats the nicotine liquid to the point that it vaporizes, but doesn’t burn (located in between the cartridge and the battery, or part of the cartridge itself depending on the brand). Personally I didn’t want to get a 3 piece set (where it all comes apart) but would rather have less to tinker with and less that could go wrong. So that narrowed my search to brands that have built in atomizers in each cartridge, such as South Beach Smoke, White Cloud, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs e-cigarette. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I might not end up liking anyway, so that limited my search further. Meaning White Cloud, although I’m sure is a quality product, and I wouldn’t mind trying one some day, was way out of my price range ($250 for a starter kit). Where as the Green Smoke starter kit is $140, and the V2 Cigs starter kits price range from $60 for the V2 Cigs Economy Kit, to $150 for the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit (with other options in between), seemed a lot more reasonable. V2 Cigs also makes the nicest looking, slimmest charger/caring case I saw.

While debating between getting the Green Smoke, the V2 Cigs e-cigarette, and a few other brands, since I knew I would be sharing. I asked my girlfriend to help me out with the final decision of which one to get. She was quick to point out that Green Smoke has possibly the most variety of flavor options available. She also discovered that the V2 Cigs e-cigarettes are fully customizable, as far as the color of the main battery (white or black), the length of the battery (3 different sizes ranging from 100-140mm), the color of the light up tip (blue or red), even the flavor and color of the cartridges, most other brands do not allow you so many options, and I know of no other that allows you to get custom colored and flavored cartridges. I have to admit its kinda cool. You can get anything from solid black or white, to hot pink or blood red colored filters. The other option the V2 Cigs e-cigarette offers that I have not seen anywhere else is a button on the side of the e-cigarette that allows you to prime the cartridge before taking a drag and continues to vaporize the liquid until you release the button. With all the options available, the fairly low price, and the nice look of the V2 Cigs e-cigarette, we decided to order a kit.

Although V2 Cigs offers a “V2 Cigs Couples Kit” that comes that comes with 4 customizable batteries, a couple chargers, and 20 cartridges; we decided to get the “V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit“. It comes with three customizable batteries, a couple chargers, 25 cartridges, as well as 2 caring cases, both slim, flip cases that might accommodate 10 tobacco cigarettes. One is a portable charger/caring case that carries two cartridges while storing and charging your e-cigarette. The other carries two batteries and two cartridges, or you could fit 1 battery and four cartridges. We figured we could each have our own battery as well as an extra to share when those two were being charged or otherwise not available (hiding under the bed), and we liked the carrying cases and wanted to try them out.

I wanted something as close to what I was used to as possible, so for my battery I got the shortest one they make, in black, with a red tip, and I declined the button option. My girlfriend ordered the extra long one with the button, in white, with a red tip. To share we got a medium length battery, black, with a red tip.

v2 cigs e cigarette
We have only had them a couple of weeks now and so far I am seriously impressed. I got it not knowing if I would even use it or not, but it has been a total life saver (no really, I may switch over to e-cigarettes completely since it is a lot better for you than smoking). Honestly though, I smoke it inside all the time, its great for when I’m watching a movie, working on, or playing a game on my computer, the best though is when I’m in bed and I really don’t feel like walking all the way down stairs to stand out in the rain or the cold. My girlfriend loves it too, she cut way back on smoking traditional cigarettes and brings an e-cigarette with her in the little charger case all the time. We are going to reorder some more cartridges soon. I am gonna get solid black “congress” (I think its modeled after Parliament cigarettes). My girlfriend wants hot pink vanilla flavored ones.

I have to confess, I tried smoking her e-cigarette, the long one, with the button. I thought the button on the cigarette would make it feel unnatural and awkward but I realized after trying it out what its for. If you press it down a moment before you take a drag, it starts vaporizing the liquid before you start to draw on it, making it in a way more natural feeling (like it is already lit), and by holding down the button you can take as big as a drag as you want. Whereas without the button, sometimes I puff it twice before inhaling for a nice thick drag. So if you order a V2 Cigs kit from them with more than one battery, I would suggest getting the button on one of them, just to try it out.

For the product in general, I think its one of the better ones on the market. It works consistently, with little to no tinkering or fussing, producing nice thick vapor, with good flavors, the cartridges last a long time as do the batteries, which don’t take very long to charge when they do run out. I have since tried a few other brands but the V2 Cigs e-cigarette is still my favorite, I also found out that their e-cigarette cartridges are interchangeable with White Cloud and I think maybe a few other brands, (although I think they may say not to interchange them). I like the flavor of the V2 Cigs e-cigarettes more though, (and they are cheaper) so I am gonna stick with them anyway.

If you are thinking about getting an e-cigarette for whatever reason, I would Highly recommend the V2 Cigs e-cigarette. There are a few different starter kits available, they have a nice feel and look to them, and you can get the whole bit customized to your liking. Its a good price for one of the better brands of e-cigs, quite possibly being the best electronic cigarettes on the market.