V2 Cigs E Cigarette Cartridges

v2cigsI recently found out that V2 e-cig cartridges are interchangeable with other brands of electronic cigarettes. I have had a V2 for a few months now and I like it has been working great for me so far. Since I am not allowed to smoke in the house I keep an e-cig around for smoking indoors. I was recently looking at the V2 website while re-ordering cartridges and saw somewhere that they are interchangeable with other e-cig brands of similar design.

The reason I am writing about this is because V2 Cigs offers some of the best tasting and least expensive cartridges around. One of the brands they work with, White Cloud, sells their cartridges for more than twice the price of V2′s so if you already own a White Cloud and would like to save some money on cartridges I would suggest you look into the cartridges offered by V2 Cigs. I think they do a good job with their flavor mixes. My favorites are the coffee flavored and the congress (Parliament Cigarettes imitation) flavored cartridges. They are both quite good and are only half the price. They also offer a variety of other flavors including cowboy (imitation Marlboro), vanilla, cherry, menthol, chocolate, and peppermint.

Additionally, they also offer blank cartridges that you can fill yourself with e-liquid of whatever you choose and continue to reuse until the atomizer in the cartridge wears out.  I haven’t tried this, but I believe that if you order and refill your own blank cartridges the total cost is even cheaper in the long run. Already the cost of a singular V2 cartridge (equivalent to a pack of cigarettes) is only two dollars. And I believe they are even cheaper if you order in bulk.

blue-congressV2 Cigs cartridges are color coded according to flavor. The cowboys and cherry flavored cartridges are red. The Congress cartridges are blue. The menthol are green. Coffee and Chocolate cartridges come in dark brown. The vanilla are an off white color. V2 is the only e-cig brand I have seen that offers (if purchased in bulk) customizable cartridges that come in whatever flavor (including any flavor you can think of, they say they will make it for you) and color you want. So I guess, in theory you could order red colored menthol cartridges if you didn’t like the look of the green ones.

As I said before I already have a V2 Cigs e cigarette and it works great for me. I Purchased the V2 Ultimate Kit which came with four different batteries. I like having a few around so that no matter how disorganized I am I can still always find one that is charged. Since I have taken to smoking the Congress cartridges almost exclusively and since I found out that they are interchangeable with Premium electronic cigarettes as well. And since premium offers fancy looking e-cigs in different colors (or with different “skins”) I decided to order myself a solid blue, Premium e-cig battery to go with my solid blue V2 cartridges. Like I said, I usually just use my e-cigs at home, but I was thinking I might start using it outside the house more often. If I am going to be seen smoking an e-cig, I would rather it have some style. I think the solid blue look will be nice.

premium_electronic_cigarette_battery_blueI was pretty happy about this discovery and decided I would share in case someone else out there has a Premium or a White Cloud e-cig and wants more options for cartridges or vice versa. Those are the only two other brands I know are interchangeable with V2 for sure. Although they say they work with any e-cig that uses KR808D1 threads for the batteries. If anyone knows of any other brands that use those threads please mention it in the comments.