V2 Cigs Coupon Code

V2 Cigs Coupon Code!

Be sure to check the bottom of this page as we keep it updated with V2 Cigs sales, discounts, promotions, and special coupon code offers that when combined can save you as much as 15%, 20%, 25% 30%, even up to 35%!!!

This V2 Cigs Coupon Code Gets You 10% Off All V2 Cigs E Cig Starter Kits And 10% Off All V2 Cigs Cartridges! All The Time!

Just enter “sneakyreviews” in the V2 Cigs coupon code box when you place your order!

V2 Cigs Coupon Code Sneakyreviews

Sneaky reviews has been a fan of V2 Cigs since we first discovered them. We have gotten nothing but positive reviews of V2 Cigs since. V2 Cigs is a top quality e cigarette brand that makes one of the most affordable, cost saving e cigarettes available. Using this V2 Cigs coupon code makes it an even better deal!

The reasons we like V2 Cigs are many. We were immediately impressed with the classy design and excellent functionality of the V2 Cigs e cig. We appreciate that they offer a wide range of choices and options for their starter kits and battery styles. We like that they offer a good selection of different flavor cartridges. It is great to see a company that continues to upgrade and improve their product. We also like that they stand behind their e cigarettes with a lifetime warranty on all of their e cig batteries.

It is not surprising to see that V2 Cigs has risen to be one of the most popular e cigarettes available. Because of our positive reviews, V2 Cigs has offered us a special V2 Cigs coupon code that we are happy to pass on to you. Making our favorite, and one of the most affordable e cigarettes, an even better deal.

We will keep this page updated with future V2 Cigs Sales and promotions, so check back to see any new news.

6-11-2011 update! V2 Cigs is having a customer appreciation sale. This weekend 6-12-2011 and 6-13-2011 V2 Cigs is offering 20% off all flavor cartridges! Use our coupon code on these dates and get 30% off all V2 Cigs cartridges!

Special V2 Cigs Fathers Day Sale! Only 1000 kits available, offered in blue, for this fathers day. See more at www.v2cigs.com.

6-30-2011  V2 Cigs Biggest Sale Of The Year!  25% OFF Everything In Store – July 2nd-4th In celebration of the 4th of July, V2 Cigs is holding the biggest sale of the Year!
This is your last chance to get 25% off your favorite V2 Cigs products! Get 25% off all starter kits, cartridges, batteries and accessories. Everything is on sale for 3 days only– July 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
They will not be having another 25% off sale for the rest of 2011, so don’t miss this chance to stock up!
Discount will automatically be applied at checkout.
NOTE: Our coupon code CAN be used in conjunction with this sale! Making your total savings as much as 35% Off!!!

8-29-2011 V2 Cigs Labor Day sale!  This Labor Day weekend 9-3-2011, 9-4-2011, and 9-5-2011 V2 Cigs is offering 15% off everything in stock! 15% off batteries, cartridges, starter kits, even clearance section items! Don’t miss this chance to get all your V2 Cigs e cig products for 15% off the normal price!

10-15-2011 V2 Cigs Halloween Sale! 20 percent off store wide sale! Everything in stock will be sold at a 20 percent discount this Halloween, October 31st, 2011!  NOTE- Our V2 coupon code can be used in conjunction with this sale, making it possible for you to save as much as 30 percent off the total purchase order!  This particular V2 Cigs sale lasts for one day only, so don’t miss it. This is a great chance to get an excellent deal from V2 Cigs!

11-1-2011 V2  Cigs Thanksgiving Sale! 15% off everything in stock! The longest V2 Cigs sale of the year! 11-24-2011 through 11-28-20. Those four days may just be the best chance available to get a great deal on anything made by V2 Cigs before Christmas. By combining our coupon code and this Thanksgiving sale you can save yourself 25 percent on any purchase made from V2 Cigs. Give thanks, save money, and get yourself, or someone close, a great gift this year!

12-2-2011 V2 Cigs Sale For The Holidays! This holiday season V2 Cigs is offering Free Domestic USPS Priority Shipping For all purchases made for $125 or more, they will also gift wrap all starter kits free of charge. In order to make sure Christmas delivery will be on time, make sure to place your order before December 17th. Happy Holidays!

2-5-2012 V2 Cigs Valentines Day Sale! This Valentines Day 2-14-2012 V2 Cigs is offering 20% off all starter kits, batteries, accessories, disposable e cigs, and even their clearance items! This is a great time to get an amazing deal on just about anything you could need!

3-12-2012 Special St. Patty’s Day Offer! In honor of St. Patrick’s day this year V2 Cigs is offering green batteries with a white LED. The green e cig batteries are offered in the short style and they are extremely limited in quantity so if you want one order it A.S.A.P. Cheers!

3-14-2012 St Patrick’s Day Sale! This St. Patty’s day, March 17, 2012 V2 Cigs is offering 15% off store wide sale! As always it can be combined with our 10% off coupon code for a total of 25% off your total purchase. If you have been waiting on a sale to get an exceptional deal, this is your chance. Cheers, and enjoy!

4-12-2012 V2 Cigs 10 Day Sale and Re-Grand opening!!! Starting April 16th V2 Cigs is offering 10% off everything in stock! On the 16th of this month V2 Cigs is unveiling its new line of e cigarettes! Along with the release of their new line of products, V2 Cigs is selling everything in stock for 10% off! Use our coupon code, order between the 16th and the 25th of April, and you can save yourself 20% off!!!-

4-28-2012 Special Mothers Day Offer! In Celebration of Mothers Day this year V2 Cigs is offering a limited addition pink e  cigarette battery kit. It includes everything  a standard kit does and is actually $10 cheaper. Supplies are limited and they are being sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check out their site for more details.

5-25-2012 V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale! 20% one day sale only! All of V2 Cigs starter kits, flavor cartridges, e-liquid, V2 disposables, accessories and clearance items will be marked down by 20% this Memorial Monday 5-28-2012. As always combine it with our coupon code and you can save yourself 30% on all your favorite V2 goodies!

6-13-2012 V2 Cigs 20% off two day starter kit sale! For apparently no reason at all, V2 Cigs is offering all of their starter kits for a reduced price. If you wanted to get a v2 kit, and you were waiting for a good sale, this would be a good one to jump on. As always, use our coupon code and you can save yourself an extra 10%. Making your new v2 starter kit 30% off the normal Price. Enjoy!

7-2-2012 V2 cigs has announced the biggest sale of the year! That’s right, this 4th of July, for one day only, V2 cigs is offering everything in stock for 25% off! As always, if you combine this sale with our v2 cigs coupon code, you can save yourself as much as 35% on anything from the V2 Cigs website! Don’t miss this years biggest v2 sale. You will not have a better chance than this to save big bucks on the best e cigarette available!

7-25-2012 V2 Cigs Free Shipping! For three days only V2 Cigs is offering free shipping to all 50 states. Starting today 7-25-2012 and lasting until 7-28-2012 V2 Cigs will ship any orders made to anywhere in the USA free of charge! Enjoy!

8-31-2012 V2 Cigs Labor Day Sale! 15% off one day sale only everything in stock this Labor Day. Don’t miss it! As always, combine with our discount code and save a total of 25% off your entire purchase order!

9-25-2012 Overstock Clearance Sale! For two days only you can take advantage of a 40% off sale on batteries in the clearance items section at V2 Cigs! This an many other special offers for excellent savings from V2 Cigs so be sure to check it out anytime beteween 9-26-2012 and 9-29-2012. Enjoy!

2-22-2013  two day only 20% off sale! everything in stock at V2 Cigs is available for 20% less than the listed price! Combine it with our coupon code and save yourself as much as 30% on anything you want from V2!

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