V2 Cigs And Vapor Couture Halloween Sale

V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture are both having a special Halloween 2-day 20% off sale!

Beginning Tuesday 10-30-2012 both V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture are releasing the zombies for Halloween giving you 20% off anything and everything in their stores online.

This is one of the biggest discounts they have besides the big holidays like Christmas or New Years, so if you can’t wait until then now is your chance to take advantage in stocking up on cartridges or accessories you might need. As for a long time V2 Cigs has been our top recommendation here on SneakyReviews.com and this insane sale is just another reason for how cool they are to their customers. If you haven’t checked out the new designer e cigarettes intended for the fashion friendly ladies out there you should see the fancy styles in the Vapor Couture line up.

To make it even more fun while your shopping to get your 20% discount you can enter in the Halloween contest too. Seems kind of cool, they want you to send to them on their V2 Cigs facebook page a picture of yourself in your Halloween costume. I bet the more crazy your costume the better chance you could win or something like that.

v2cigs halloween sale

Same contest is also going on for their Vapor Couture e cigarettes.

Go to their Facebook page for Vapor Couture and submit your Halloween costume picture for twice the chance of winning a free starter kit!

vapor couture halloween contest

The sale and contest ends at midnight 10-31-2012 so you better hurry up and decide what your getting before it’s too late and the Zombie’s attack!

Check out the V2 Cigs Halloween Specials and visit here for the Vapor Couture Madness!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!