V2 Cigs Adds New Clearance Section To Their Site


V2 Cigs now has a clearance section.

I was visiting their site because I was going to re-order myself some new cartridges, before I run out of the ones I have, and I stumbled across something I never knew existed, a clearance section where they sell everything that is overstocked for extra cheap.

I have been a loyal fan of V2 Cigs for a long time now. They were the e cigarette brand I originally purchased a long time back when they were just a fledgling company. Since then they have continued to improve their product, and offer more options and flavor cartridges. They are now the number one, most popular e cigarette on the web.

The starter kit I originally ordered has treated me good all this time. Ordering cartridge refills instead of buying cigarettes has saved me who knows how much money over the last few years. Just recently they setup a new clearance section, where they off stuff that is piling up on them for super good sale prices. Making my refill cartridge order even less expensive than I expected it to be.

I guess that they have finally become such a big company that they are now having issues with overstock and the like. This apparently good news for us (the customers), because it means they are selling off their extra stuff at especially low prices. Making the savings granted by switching to e cigarettes even better than before.

I did not see any batteries or kits in the clearance section, but I plan to check it regularly to see if anything good gets offered up for sale (like a starter kit, or even just a nice looking solo battery). Nothing on the site said the clearance section was for cartridges only, so I am hoping to see some cool stuff their so long as I keep checking it out to see what is being offered.

I thought it was great because they had listed “reds” and “coffee” flavored e cig cartridges. Which is what I was going to order anyway, but since I got them from the clearance/sale section I got them for about half the price I normally would have.
I was already planning to get a couple of them for friends, and family, for Christmas next year. I hope that if I keep trolling the clearance section of their website I will come up with some super deals. That way when Christmas does role around this year, I will already be taken care of for at least a few people.

V2 Cigs makes a great product. I have been recommending them to anyone I meet that is interested in getting themselves an e cigarette for some time now. I like that this site has them marked as their number one pick. It shows they know what they are talking about.

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