Two New V2 Cigs Coupon Code Testimonials

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1) I recently ordered myself a new starter kit from V2 Cigs. I used your coupon code and I purchased during V2 Cigs 4th of July sale, saving myself an entire 35% off my total purchase! Way to cool. Thanks for the coupon and thanks for keeping track of all V2 Cigs Sales.

I have been using my new e cigarette for about a month now and it is great! I am glad I ordered from V2 Cigs. They really do make a v2 cigs coupon picgreat e cig. I really like the parliament flavored cartridges they make. I wish I had known about the fathers day special when they were offering their e cigs in solid blue, but I didn’t find your website until after that promotion. I think it would have been cool to have blue batteries to go with the blue “congress” flavor that I like, but it is ok cause this way I ended up saving more money.

I don’t think I could have gotten my starter kit for a cheaper price, even had I got a used one, which I am glad I didn’t. Thanks to your V2 Cigs sale page, and your discount code I got a great kit for an awesome price!

2) Thank you so much. I took your advice and ordered a e cigarette from V2 Cigs. I also used the coupon code you included and saved myself some money. I am glad I read your reviews first and decided to go with V2 Cigs. I got my starter kit in the mail shortly after ordering, and so far it has been working out excellently. Not only am I saving money by smoking e cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes, but I am also doing myself a favor by not smoking cigarettes anymore.

I don’t smell like cigarettes. I can smoke my e cig in the house whenever I want. I am not polluting my body with cigarette smoke. And I am loving it. I found switching to e cigarettes is a little different but it isn’t that bad. I found that I already feel better after switching in just a this short amount of time.

One of the original reasons I decided to switch in the first place was because I wanted to try and save myself some money. By smoking e cigs and using the coupon codes I found on your website I manages to save myself I don’t know how much each week. A pack of e cigarette refill cartridges runs me around six bucks and it lasts me the equivalent of at least four packs of smokes.

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