The Smok Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Review

Have you heard of the Smok Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes? If not, you’ve been missing out on a huge sensation that has swept the country. This brand of electronic cigarette has taken over the scene with the many features and benefits that it offers. In fact, if you know someone who has converted to using electronic cigarettes instead of the harmful traditional type, there’s a chance that they’re using the Smok Cigs brand. This type of e-cigarette is only available online, so you wouldn’t find it in any store. Read on to discover some of the outstanding benefits of the Smok Cigs brand of electronic cigarettes.

Smok Cigs Starter KitFirst and most importantly, Smok Cigs are among the most affordable brand of electronic cigarettes. While some sites charge you up to $10 – $15 for a pack of cartridges, Smok Cigs only cost $4 per pack! Keep in mind that each pack of cartridges represents about two and a half packs of traditional cigarettes. With regular cigarettes costing $5 for one pack, imagine paying only $4 for two and a half! Not only are Smok Cigs cheaper than other electronic cigarettes, but they’re cheaper than traditional cigarettes too!

Smok Cigs E CigsAnother great benefit of Smok Cigs is the variety of flavors they offer. This brand offers five unique flavor cartridges. The regular tobacco cartridge tastes like the cigarettes you’re used to, but without the actual tobacco and other harmful ingredients. The menthol tastes like the traditional counterpart, with a mint flavor that will satisfy users who are used to menthol cigarettes. The cherry flavor adds a fruity taste and will surely catch someone off-guard if they breathe some of your vapor! The vanilla flavor is one of the newest tastes that Smok Cigs offers, along with the coffee flavor, which is an interesting alternative.

So after seeing these and the many other great benefits that Smok Cigs
offers, where can you buy this brand of electronic cigarette? As mentioned before, this company only sells their product online, so you won’t be able to find it in a store. Fortunately, Smok Cigs has authorized dozens of dealers to act in its stead and sell the product on their own websites. You can also order directly from their official site.

Why buy electronic cigarettes onlinSmok Cigs E Cigarettee as opposed to a physical store? There are many benefits to buying e-cigs online. A larger selection comes to mind first. Since an online dealer doesn’t have to worry about the amount of floor space they have, they can list thousands of types of e-cigarettes on their site, which means more for you to choose from. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop for electronic cigarettes online. Also, e-cigs are always cheaper online than they are in a store. This is because an online company has a much smaller overhead cost than running a physical building, and the dealer passes these savings on to you, which means that you will save a huge amount of money when buying electronic cigarettes online.

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