The Safe Cig Review

Since e cigarettes started coming out I’ve tried most of the top brands of electronic cigarettes. The main differences I found are the vapor thickness quality, flavor, and battery life. After writing some reviews for other top brand e cigarettes I wasn’t expecting anything new. When I got the safe cig I opened the box a little surprised to find the simple quality design. After trying a few of the other most popular e cigarettes the safe cig really stood out.

the safe cig pic 1

I could tell that the safe cig was a high quality electronic cigarette from the first glance, so I began to move into sampling of the safe cig. The first puff caught me by surprise, as it felt like a drag off a real cigarette. I had been under the impression that most e cigarettes were comparable when it comes to vapor, but the safe cig had proved me wrong. This was the strongest throat hit, and the most similar to smoking a cigarette I have tried. The vapor is thick consistently, and pulls very easily on a drag. I had ordered a couple different strengths of nicotine to sample and started with the 24 mg strength which is the strongest nicotine level I’ve come across yet.the safe cig pic 2

When I compared the safe cig with some of the other leading brands of e cigarettes the size is about standard its a little bigger than a real cigarette about the size of a camel wide. The weight is actually fairly light and feels very comfortable to use. The battery life seems to be more than sufficient for a regular user. The kit came with three batteries, a few chargers, one for the car, a wall charger, and two usb port adapters. The safe cig is standard white with a tan atomizer cartridge, made to look like a real cigarette, and a red LED for a cherry. It also has a nice looking cigarette style case that makes the safe cig easily portable for on the go use.

The safe cig has six different nicotine levels to choose from, and three flavors of vapor menthol, traditional, and tobacco. The menthol is a fairly strong flavor and does taste very similar to a menthol cigarette. I would definitely recommend the safe cig to ex smokers who really want a strong e cigarette to use as an alternative, or for people who would like to quit. The six levels of nicotine and having the high level 24 mg makes the safe cig great for stepping down your nicotine intake.

the safe cig pic 3

Overall the safe cig is a high quality electronic cigarette that can compete with the best. The safe cig is a great smoking substitute, and works very efficiently. It also allows you to take a long drag, wheras some e cigarettes have only a short time that you can pull vapor before it turns off. Its main features being high strength and quality vapor. The safe cig feels the most like real smoking, and can be the perfect crutch for someone who wants to quit smoking.

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