The Safe Cig Micro Review

The Safe Cig Micro has just been introduced so we decided to compare it to the original Safe Cig version. The Safe Cig has been one of our all time favorite e cigarettes since it was released.


The Safe Cig has always been known as a top quality electronic cigarette so I was excited to hear about the newest Mini Safe Cig version and do this Safe Cig Micro review. The first thing I noticed was of course the size it’s definitely smaller which is very comparable to the size of a regular cigarette. The original Safe Cig was a little fatter and longer than a regular cigarette closer to a camel wide. The Safe Cig Micro is also lighter than the original version and feels very comfortable to hold and use.

The real test of the new micro Safe Cig is to try it and compare the vapor and see how the Micro Safe Cig holds up to the competition.

When sampling the micro I found that the Micro Safe Cig worked as good as the larger Safe Cig version. The vapor I tried was moroccan a tasty flavor almost a light cherry flavor tobacco. The micro flavor was a little lighter than the original Safe Cig with thick consistent vapor that still felt like smoking a real cigarette. I could tell that the quality that the Safe Cig is known for was put into the new micro safe cig

Not only was the Safe Cig Micro smaller lighter and more comfortable to use it gave the same consistent high quality strong vapor hits that I was use to with the original version of the Safe Cig. The Micro Safe Cig is a really good electronic cigarette for someone looking for a high quality brand e cigarette to try or use regularly.

The box the Micro Safe Cig comes in looks and feels like a real pack of cigarettes and holds two batteries with seven refill cartridges and one usb port charger. The Micro Safe Cig is about as close to looking like a real cigarette as they come the led for the cherry lights up an orange color that looks just like a lit cigarette.

safe cig micro

The battery is a little smaller than the older version and holds a good charge if you have a couple charged up they will keep you going for a while without need for recharging. The atomizer cartridges are available in 13 different flavors and different strengths of nicotine.

The Safe Cig Micro will be soon known as one of the best e cigarettes on the market.

After the Safe Cig Micro has been out for a little while. I’m sure the Micro Safe Cig will get the credit from e cigarette reviews and comparisons it deserves. I would give the Micro Safe Cig the highest rating as one of the top quality e cigarettes available today.

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