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Top rated blu cigs review.

Reviewing the new blu cigs electric cigarette I tried, the new two piece blu cigs design to compare to the original. The first version like the rest of the electronic cigarettes used the three piece design. If you tried those you know they were problematic. The vapor could be inconsistent and hard to draw and sometimes they just didn’t work. The three piece designs had to be manually refilled with the vapor liquid for the atomizer to keep producing vapor. The new two piece design is a battery with a vapor cartridge and atomizer combined, (called a cartomizer), with a few flavors of vapor to choose from. I’m sure that all electronic cigarettes will move to the far superior two piece design before long.

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The new blu cigs design worked very well. It was small enough to compare to the size of a real cigarette, which is the first thing I notice about e cigarettes, the size. Some brands are large and cumbersome. They just look a little awkward and feel too big and heavy. The small batteries need to be charged more often but they do re-charge pretty fast, about fifteen to twenty minutes. The new blue pack works as a battery charger on the go and it also holds an extra battery as well as six cartomizers. The small size of the battery gives the new blu one of its main advantages and is also fairly lightweight.

The blu cigs vapor cartridge atomizers have four choices of flavor cherry crush, java jolt, magnificent menthol and classic tobacco that come in packs of five. Each vapor cartridge atomizer is said to be good for one thousand two hundred and fifty puffs. The quality vapor produced is were the new blu cigs design really separates blu from the competition its enjoyable consistent and seems to pull very easily on the draw. The flavor and scent are light enough I personally like the lighter flavors better. The vapor doesn’t leave a behind an odor only a pleasant faint scent is produced while using the e cigarette.

“The blu cigs vapor produced is the highest quality.” blu cigs review.

The new blu cigs offer a couple choices of color design white or black in a nice looking case that’s soft and carries everything you’ll need. The blu cigs pack is about the size of a regular pack of cigarettes and keeps the extra battery charged. The new blu design has a nice look and logo on the pack it has a blu led light that turns off when your battery is fully charged. The blu kit also comes with a usb and wall charger.

blu cigs review

The blu cigs e cigarette is competitively priced at when compared to other top brands of e cigarettes. The blu kit is a higher than average quality of e cigarette and has a very functional on the go design. The blucigs gets my highest recommendation as they have improved the overall quality of there product significantly.

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