The Many Reasons An E Cigarette Is Better

Almost every doctor suggests his or her patients to try to quit smoking. However, a suggestion is not enough for helping a smoker to stop smoking. You will need to find a suitable alternative to it. An electronic cigarette, which is commonly called an e cigarette, is one of the newest and the most effective alternatives to tobacco cigarettes. Nowadays, electronic cigarettes are widely used as a tool for quitting smoking.


The nicotine delivery system of an electronic cigarette works by injecting a similar quantity of nicotine that a regular tobacco cigarette would offer, into the lungs of the smoker. The only factor that makes smoking a tobacco cigarette and smoking an electronic cigarette different is that, unlike the regular cigarettes, the nicotine content of the e cigarettes is not filled with toxic chemicals. This means you will not be at risk of experiencing the side effects of tobacco while using the e cigarettes.


Read through the pointers below to learn more about the benefits offered by electronic cigarettes.


  1. Personal health. Using electronic cigarettes will give you the chance of avoiding the ill effects of nicotine while having the pleasure of smoking. You will be able to neutralize your nicotine craving, but without causing any harm to your health. The e cigarettes are battery powered devices containing cartridges filled with e cigarette liquid. This liquid is basically a nicotine solution devoid of all the toxic elements that the nicotine present in a traditional tobacco cigarette contains. The physical sensation and flavor of the liquid nicotine will, however, be almost the same as tobacco smoke.


  1. Reduce of second hand smoke. Medical studies suggest that cigarette smoking causes health problems even in individuals who do not smoke but get exposed to second hand smoke. If you use e cigarettes, you will not be harming people around you by exposing them to second hand smoke.


  1. 3.      Reduce pollution and waste. As the electronic cigarettes do not produce any smoke, you will also not be contributing to air pollution while using these devices. Regular cigarettes are made up of papers which get burnt when you smoke. If you use electronic cigarettes, you will indirectly be preventing the waste of paper and general amount of toxins in the air.


  1. 4.      Save money. You can also save a significant amount of money by replacing regular cigarettes with an electronic cigarette. If you use an e cigarette, you will reduce your cost of smoking by 50% or more.  Moreover, you will also not need to spend money for buying lighters and matchboxes to light an e cigarette.


  1. 5.      Smoke where smoking isn’t allowed. Traditional smoking is banned in several hotels, offices and government buildings. However, there’s no law that will stop you from using e cigarettes in these places.


  1. 6.      Cleanliness. Traditional tobacco cigarettes produce ashes, which force smokers to use ashtrays. Electronic cigarettes never produce ashes. Thus, while using them, you will not need any such accessory. Ashes produced by burnt cigarettes often end up on furniture, carpets and clothes. As a user of an electronic cigarette, you are protected from any such incident.


  1. Quit smoking more easily. Last, but not the least, electronic cigarettes can help you to stop smoking completely. To quit smoking with the help of an electronic cigarette, you will have to gradually shift to the e cigarettes containing an ultra-light formula and eventually, a nicotine-free formula.


What are the different types of electronic cigarettes available in the market?


Electronic cigarettes can be primarily of two types: disposable and reusable. A disposable e cigarette is meant for only one use. As a result, they do not come with rechargeable batteries. The other type is the reusable e cigarettes, which use rechargeable batteries. Most top electronic cigarette manufacturing companies sell reusable e cigarettes with excellent battery life.


Both reusable and disposable models of these tobacco-free cigarettes come in different designs and sizes. They are:


Super E Cigarette: Super E cigarettes look almost the same as the traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, veteran smokers will definitely notice the difference in the length of a super e cigarette and a regular cigarette. These e cigarettes are a bit longer than the real ones. They come with smaller cartridges, but offer dense nicotine puffs and an exceptional smoking experience to the users.


Mini E Cigarette: The design of mini e cigarettes is exactly the same as the super e cigarettes. The only difference between the two is that the mini e cigarettes are slightly shorter in length. Mini e cigarettes’ impressive battery life, ability to produce lavish vapor and tapered mouthpiece make them the preferable choice of many smokers.


Super Mini E Cigarette: As the name suggests, these electronic cigarettes are small in size. The length of a super mini e cigarette is the same as that of a regular tobacco cigarette. This feature of the super mini e cigarettes makes the user feel as if he or she is smoking a real cigarette.


Micro E Cigarette: Earlier, the super mini e cigarettes were considered to be the smallest e cigarettes available on the market. However, with the invention of this e cigarette type, the claim of the lightest and smallest e cigarette has shifted to the micro e cigarettes. Their diameter is even smaller than the super mini models.


Pen style E Cigarette: These e cigarettes come with larger cartridges, abundant vapor and of course an extremely powerful battery. The size of a pen style e cigarette is a lot bigger than a traditional cigarette.


Screwdriver E Cigarette: Websites that present unbiased e cigarette reviews recommend this model of electronic cigarettes to people looking for products with extended battery life. However, these cigarettes also score pretty high in other features like their nicotine producing capability, ease of use, etc.


Each of the e-cigarette types discussed above has advantages of its own. You should choose the one that appears to be most convenient for you. While choosing an electronic cigarette, you should consider factors like the size of the product, the taste and the convenience of use.


You should perform some thorough research before buying an electronic cigarette. There are several e cigarette brands available on the market. Some of the best brands that you can choose are: V2 Cigs, Apollo Cigs, Smoke Frii, Green Smoke, Safe Cigs, Luci Cigs, South Beach Smoke and White Cloud Cigarettes.