The History And Future Of Smoking Stuff

Why V2 Cigs E Cigarettes Are The Future Of Smoking

Since the dawn of civilization people have been finding new things to smoke. They have also been finding new ways to smoke those things that prove good for smoking. After nearly 5000 years of smoking things in different ways we have finally come to a peak of smoking potential. That peak is known as the V2 Cigs e cigarette.

old school pipe smokerBy far the best e cigarette ever made. V2 Cigs is also the best thing you can use in the dark to light your way for you, if you want to smoke vapor at the same time. In this way they can get you high on nicotine, while lighting your way, and preventing you from stubbing your toe.

Since people like to smoke things, they have tried smoking nearly everything under the sun, to see which things get them the highest. Tobacco was a major hit when Native Americans and Mayans first started smoking and getting high off of it so many years ago.

Europeans also found they liked smoking tobacco, and getting high off it, when they were introduced to it after coming to the “new world” in the 1700′s. There are early reports of New England settlers that mentioned Native Americans smoking tobacco out of a wooden tube that was a kind of cross between a cigar and a pipe.

Before The E CigThey saw that they liked to smoke these while they worked, and some settlers had the courage to try getting high with their long lost brothers from a new world. Those intelligent and brave European settlers quickly realized the amazing effects of smoking tobacco, and after getting their friends back home to try it, quickly got them hooked on it.

Europeans, with there superior technology, found many new and inventive ways of ingesting tobacco. They chewed it, they snorted it, they rolled it into cigars and smoked it, they also rolled it in paper and smoked it that way.

It took a long time until the cigarette as we know it today became the favored way to ingest tobacco. It wasn’t until recently that anyone realized smoking all the time could lead to problems.

V2 Cigs Future SmokingThe first patent for a e cig like device was actually made back in the 1970′s. It wasn’t until the 2000′s that what we now know as an e cig was produced and brought to the market. Since then the market has spoken and it has said “Sweet! A new way to smoke! More please.”

V2 Cigs was listening. They have put together the best e cigarette available. They have also managed to make it cheap. Which is another thing people seem to like. By combining these two things, something to smoke, with inexpensiveness. V2 Cigs has quickly become the most popular e cigarette available, and will for sure someday be the only thing left your government will allow you to smoke.

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