The Electronic Cigarette Battle Between Green Smoke And The FDA

electronic cigaretteIf you haven’t heard of the continued controversy about the new gadget called an electronic cigarette along with Green Smoke, the company that is making them, here I will explain the latest in the news and this FDA battle they are having.

So far it seems that the FDA has lost the first battle in a federal court but they are appealing the ruling as well. The reason for the FDA to keep at the attack is because the more popular the electronic cigarette gets the less big pharmaceutical and tobacco companies will profit from their nicotine products. Also the State government will be losing their tax revenue.

You see it is mostly a political, corporate interest game being played out here. If one does research for the electronic cigarette from Green Smoke and compare that to a regular cigarette it is pretty obvious which one might be a lot worse for your health.

This Company based in Florida of the U.S. is welcoming the FDA to any challenge they bring to the table for their product of this electronic cigarette with a firm stand because they know they have something that is beneficial to many people looking to change their bad habits to a less harmful approach in their life. Green Smoke has the simple 2-piece design patented for quality you can count on with 30-day money back guarantee. They also explain how much money you can save by switching to an electronic cigarette from regular cigarettes in this electronic cigarette review.