The E-Cigarette Explained

3 piece e-cigaretteE-Cigarettes. Have you heard of them? It appears that word is getting around. As an individual who has been using them for over four months now, I get questions all the time. People will approach me and ask, “Hey, is that one of those e-cigarettes?”

If you haven’t seen one or heard of them you are probably asking, “What’s an e-cigarette? Rolled tobacco you can buy online?” I guess that question comes from the E and dash – in front of the word. We are familiar with so many today. You can send e-cards, do e-banking, send e-flowers to Mom and exchange e-mail with anyone you know. So “e-” refers to something being done online. Well…. yes and no.

In reality, the prefix refers to doing something electronically. E-mail means sending mail electronically via the Internet, e-flowers means I can get those flowers to Mom super fast because I’m so busy I forgot it was Mother’s Day. Now that I think about it, there is nothing in the refrigerator for dinner. I think I’ll go online an order me an e-pizza, …and so on.

So getting back to that prefix, e-cigarette stands for an electronic cigarette. It looks like a cigarette, it feels like a cigarette and will appear as the same to anyone around you, …a cigarette. I’ve done it in the past where I forget I have an e-cigarette in my hand. I walk in the store, take a hit off of it and exhale. Only to hear, “EXCUSE ME!! Sir? There’s no smoking allowed in here. Please step back outside and extinguish that before coming back in to shop. Thank You.”

My gut reaction is to come back and say, “It’s not a real cigarette.” Only to here, “Sir…. please. I saw the smoke coming out of your mouth and I know what a cigarette looks like. Please don’t make me call security.” So most of the time I just put it in my pocket and keeping walking in. Only to get that look from several people who’s eyes are saying, “Did you see what that fool just did? He just put that lit cigarette in his pocket!”

The difference with an electronic cigarette is there’s no tobacco in it, …it doesn’t need to be lit and therefore requires no combustion. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke anymore than a pot of boiling water does. Electronic cigarettes produce a vapor. So let’s keep that picture of boiling water in mind for a second. When water starts to boil we can see the steam rising from it. When technically, what we see is a vapor. The combination of a material and heat creates vapor. Combustion is not required.

Like the difference between a fragrance candle and incense. A stick of incense must be lit to form a combustion making it glow and give off smoke. With a fragrance candle, the wick must be lit. Producing a heat from the wick. The combination of the two makes the wax melt slowly, creating a vapor. You don’t light the wax creating a combustion.

The physical appearance of one looks just like a cigarette. Everybody has seen one. An e-cigarette has the same appearance. The first 65% is white just like the area of paper that contains tobacco in a real cigarette except, it’s not tobacco. It’s a rechargeable battery. The next 5% is called an atomizer. While the last 30% looks just like a cigarette filter, …but it’s not. It has the color and appearance of a filter but it’s a cartridge. Which contains some liquid and nicotine.

So… you’re asking yourself, “How does all this work?” If you look at the back of the cartridge (filter), it has a small hole in the center about the diameter of a sewing needle. If we take the cartridge off and look at the other side, the hole is much larger. So the open space is almost as wide as the diameter of the cartridge. If you look down inside you’ll see a piece of material that’s been used to seal the liquid inside. Pretty much like the top of a bowl would look after putting a piece of cellophane on the top and sealing the sides. So we’ll use that word and keep that picture in mind as we describe it. …Cellophane.

The next piece is the atomizer which is less than a half inch in length, although the newer versions are built into the cartridge now, but here I am going to explain the 3-part design. We’ll describe this starting from the left side and ending on the right. The first part is a couple pieces of metal. Let’s picture breaking a couple of pieces off a toothpick. They join at the left side and separate as you look towards the right, fastening to the outer most part of the cylinder shape. Giving it the appearance of an arrow head.

At the right side, where the two ends are farthest apart, it has a coil in between them. You’ve seen those little coils on an electronic lighter that doesn’t require a flint to light it. This coil is about the same size and is attached to the cylinder. The cylinder is just small enough to slide down into the cartridge (filter). Like putting a male and female piece of PVC pipe together. Are ya with me so far?

Let’s make this a visual to clarify some and you can also refer to the picture above as well. Click on the picture to see full size. Ok, so we have the cartridge (_____( and the atomizer <(___( so far. Of course, there would be a line showing at the top like you see here on the bottom. We could probably go one step further and use a S to represent the coil. Which would appear like this <s(___( with the last 30% of the atomizer having the same diameter as the outside of the cartridge. So when they are fastened together the whole surface of the outside is even.

The last part to connect is the rechargeable battery. Which is white just like the paper on a cigarette. The right side of the atomizer has a female end. Like old plumbing did when pipes were made out of metal. Not PVC pipes. The left side of the rechargeable battery has the male end like old plumbing and screws right into the atomizer. Much like a glass jar or the way a lid fastens to a plastic bottle of water or other drink. Using some slashes to represent this end of the battery, it would look like the following, ///(______________( )

(___(__( ..a <s(___( ..b ///(______________( ) ..c

So now we have our three parts of the e-cigarette. Let’s put them together. Excuse me for just a second. What’s that somebody asked in the back? “Why is their a third parentheses in the middle of Part a?” That represents the cellophane we talked about which seals the liquid in place.

As we put parts a and b together, the arrowhead on part b punctures a hole in the cellophane on part a. Which would look like this (___<(__( with a line being under the arrow so it appears like one piece. Then we’re going to screw part c, the rechargeable battery into part b, the atomizer. Now we have our finished product.

(_____((___(((______________( ) I forgot to mention, …at the right tip of the battery, there is an orange light. When you take a drag off the e-cigarette, it lights up just like the cherry on a real cigarette would. This helps the psychology in your mind. When you see the cherry light up, you think, …”Wow, this is like the real thing.” For any of you that smoke, …you know that 75% of the habit is all in your head anyway.

When you take a drag off an e-cigarette, the coil we talked about glows and heats up the liquid in the cartridge(filter). This creates a vapor, like the steam we talked about from boiling water and exits the pinhole at the end of the cartridge. Allowing you to inhale it and get that “Throat Hit” just like you would from a tobacco cigarette. When you feel that vapor hit the back of your throat, you think, …”This is awesome! It feels like the real thing!” When you exhale the vapor, it looks just like someone exhaling smoke from a cigarette. WOW!

So you can see why the lady was so quick to get my attention entering the store. She saw the cherry glow at the end when I took a hit from it and saw me exhale the smoke. Well….. it appeared as smoke to her. When in reality is was just vapor. So it has none of the tars or carcinogens that cigarette smoke has. Just the same, like the lady, …your eyes and mind see the same thing. So the psychology of smoking is fully satisfied in your mind.

Anybody that smokes should realize that 85% of the habit has to do with nothing more than keeping your hands busy. This is why so many people that try to quit smoking gain weight. They have to keep those hands busy when they are bored. So now, …instead of having a cigarette in their hand, they constantly have some type of food in their hand stuffing their face. Which results in the person gaining weight.

This is where e-cigarettes outrank nicotine gum or patches by a thousand to one. It really has nothing to do with the addiction to nicotine. Although, that’s a small part of the habit. The largest part is boredom. You can ask any smoker and they’ll probably tell you they smoke more at home watching TV than they do at work on the keyboard all day. *shrugging shoulders* It’s as simple as that.

I knew a man who was trying to quit smoking. You know how he fulfilled that boredom? He always had a toothpick in his hand. Always, …every time I saw the guy. I use to kid him and ask, “Hey Jim. Did you go out for dinner and have some steak tonight?” *snickering* I knew as well as he did why that toothpick was in his hand.

I guess one could probably do the same keeping a pencil in their hand. Somehow it just doesn’t seem to be the same. With an e-cigarette in your hand, it looks like a real cigarette, it feels like a real cigarette and tastes like one. I think the ultimate winner for me is when you get that “Throat Hit” when you inhale. Nothing feels more real. So when people ask me if I quit smoking, I tell them, …”Yep, I don’t smoke anymore. I vape.” While I’m saving hundreds of dollars in the process and not hurting my health or that of others around me.

In closing, thinking back about the store, …can you imagine the fun you could have with one of these in public? In a store, a restaurant or shopping mall? How about taking it on a public transit bus where you live. Pull it out of your pocket, take a hit off of it and exhale. Seeing the cherry glow I can hear the bus driver now. “EXCUSE ME! Sir? There’s no smoking allowed on this bus. Please step forward and exit the bus Sir.” LOL

Now that you probably have a better understanding of what an e-cigarette is and how it works. Check out the 2-piece design that is the easiest electronic cigarette you can use that is still plenty cost effective and a real pleasure to smoke/vape from. I liked it so much I decided to write this Green Smoke Review to explain this revolutionary new gadget to anyone who wants a quality e-cigarette. This is the brand I support after trying a multiple of others that have worked for others before. Good luck and I hope you decide soon not to be supporting the big tobacco companies any more just like myself and many others today that use these e-cigarettes.