The Downside of Smoking Cigarettes

quit smoking cigarettes

We have all heard stuff about how smoking is bad for the health and how smokers are more likely to contract diseases than non smokers but how exactly does smoking cause all such problems? Here we will explain to you the many disadvantages of smoking cigarettes, how it affects the body of a smoker and the reasons why smokers should quit smoking cigarettes as soon as possible.

Smoking is hazardous to health

Smoking cigarettes results in the release of many harmful chemicals that make a smoker’s body vulnerable to damage. These chemicals include but are not limited to:

  • nicotine
  • hydrogen cyanide
  • tar
  • carbon monoxide
  • nitrogen oxides and more

These toxins make a smoker’s body weak and more vulnerable to disease attacks such as bronchitis, lung and oral cancer, heart attack due to blocked arteries, high blood pressure, weight lost and a general mental unrest among smokers. The tar in a smoker’s lungs sticks to the lungs walls and turns them a dark color. This can cause lung cancer. Even after a smoker decides to quit smoking cigarettes, the tar can take tens of years to finally dissolve out of the system.

Many smoking related deaths occur in smokers of middle age. This can easily be avoided if a smoker decides in time to quit smoking cigarettes. There are many reasons to stop smoking cigarettes every smoker in the world should pay heed to. Here’s a quick few:

  • it makes one’s lifestyle extremely dependent on cigarettes. Mood swings and short temper area common trait amongst smokers (especially ones who have gone without their daily fix)
  • smokers’ olfactory (smell) and taste senses are e greatly hampered because of the harmful substances present in cigarette smoke. Once you decide to quit smoking you will immediately feel the difference before and after
  • the chances of many types of fatal diseases and organ cancers are greatly reduced once a smoker turns over a new leaf by quitting smoking
  • non smokers save up on large amounts of money every year stop smoking cigarettes just because they have no ‘harmful luxury’ i.e. cigarettes to spend on
  • when you take you promise yourself a healthier life by quitting smoking you also do the environment a favor and less people around you become victims of passive smoke inhalation

When a smoker has quit smoking cigarettes, his body positively responds to the good change and begins its repair process. The tar begins to dissolve, poisonous substances in blood start to go down, cancer causing agents are slowly eliminated and shrunken blood vessels start going back to their normal size. While this process may be slow and make take tens of years for a smoker to finally be completely rehabilitated and free of the addiction, it is not impossible. It is said that where there is a will, there is a sure shot way. Let this be a healthy beginning for you. Quit smoking from today and moving onwards.