The Blu E Cigarette Review

You will find a lot of various manufacturers of e cigarettes about the online marketplace today, and also the amount of manufacturers keeps on developing much more as well as more individuals discovering the advantages of utilizing this fantastic new device. Among the greatest versions you are able to purchase online now may be the Blu E Cigarette. This brand name includes an entire load of functions that would make them a great option for the average individuals new to e cigarettes and to individuals which have utilized them for any given time.

Blu E Cigarette

The very best point concerning the Blu E Cigarette is the cost. Their e cigarette starter kit is obtainable for much less than $60, that is a good amount less compared to typical costs online. When you open the box the very first point you will discover may be the Fast Starter User Information too with the complete instruction manual, in between these, all of one’s e cigarette questions ought to be answered. Together with the manuals you have, of course, your Blu E Cigarette, a charger for it, a battery plus a spare along with a lovely 25 free extra cartridges worth equal to over 100 cigarettes. Together with the regular wall charger you also get a truly handy USB charger for powering your E cigarette when on the move, a must have for me at least.

The Blu E cigarette starter kit is sufficient to start with and makes sure your E Cigarette experience together with enough spare batteries and cartridges even for long trips. You receive about a days usage out of the battery prior to it requiring a charge, which requires about 30 minutes or so. Most likely the greatest function concerning the Blu starter kit is how the starter kit you receive also acts like a charger for the E cigarette, it may completely charge your cigarette 6 or 7 occasions prior to it requirements to become replenished again.

Blu E Cigarette Charger Kit

This Blu E Cigarette starter kit is made with the 3-piece design rather than the newer 2-piece design. Although I have had bad luck with most of the 3-piece designs being leaky and kind of a pain to deal with but the Blu E Cigarette didn’t give me hardly any problem at all. The atomizer replacement from them isn’t too pricey either and is something you will need to consider within the costs. Also if you are switching between different flavors it is nice to have a separate atomizer for each flavor otherwise they will blend together after switching cartridge and may not taste too good.

The Blu E Cigarette flavors are Cherry Crush, Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, and Java Jolt. After trying them all I decided my personal favorites are Java Jolt and Cherry Crush. The others aren’t too bad either. All the cartridges have a fairly smooth throat feel that didn’t seem to change at all between the flavors. I did notice the cherry crush flavor cartridges didn’t seem to last as long as the others but it is possible I smoked them faster without realizing I may have puffed on it more frequent maybe.

Blu E Cigarette Flavors

Besides the difficulties of smoking tobacco in many public places and more places getting banned from tobacco use, one more concern may be the large price of purchasing tobacco cigarettes. There are a bunch of locations within the US where 1 pack a cigarettes can cost as much as $10. Whenever you compare that towards the $1 it expense for any refill cartridge, it’s fairly simple to determine how you are able to conserve a little of cash savings very rapidly. When to utilize the Blu E Cigarette, you won’t only reap the health advantages of utilizing E cigarettes, but you may also be saving a large quantity of cash too. With today’s economy savings like this are usually quite nice.

Also one last minor detail. Actually this I make sure to tell everyone when buying from any E Cigarette company online.  Make sure they come with some kind of warranty and guarantee for their products! The Blu E Cigarette comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well as a full 1 year Warranty. Any E Cigarette Company online that doesn’t have a similar warranty and guarantee I advise to purchase somewhere that does. I was almost discouraged from my first E Cigarette experience which in turn led me to writing these reviews for others. I hope you get the E Cigarette experience that helps you cut down your tobacco use if not all together.

I didn’t have time to make a Blu E Cigarette review video but this one I found on youtube was pretty accurate to what I have found with this E Cigarette.  Man, I can’t believe how young this guy said he was when he started smoking regular cigarettes! Although I give him credit for trying something better now.