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This 4th Of July V2 Cigs is offering anything and everything available at their website at a base discounted rate of 25%. Any purchases made on 7-4-2012 will automatically be marked down 25%. Coupon code offers will also be honored. That means that by combining our coupon code, sneakyreviews, you can save as much as 35 percent on anything V2!

V2 Cigs is an American based company that has promoted freedom from smoking since they started. Being that they promote freedom4th Of July Flag from smoking, they are made, and manufactured here in the USA, V2 Cigs always celebrates the Fourth Of July in a big way. This year they have decided to offer everything from refill cartridges, to their biggest e cigarette starter kit, at a dramatically reduced rate. Celebrating and sharing freedom with people all over the USA, and the world.

This is a great chance to either get that starter kit you have been thinking about, or to load up on refill cartridges of any flavor or strength. V2 Cigs is already known for having the best prices on the highest quality products, but sales like this make their e cigarettes and related products not just affordable but down right cheap.

A couple of examples of ways you can save by combining our coupon code with this years one day only Fourth of July sale:

A V2 Ultimate Kit originally priced at $199.95, since marked down to $189.95 purchased on the Fourth of July, in conjunction with our coupon code, should cost only $123.02 before shipping and tax of course. That is a total savings of $66.48

V2 Cigs refill cartridges, typically priced at $12.95 for a five pack, could be purchased for only $8.42. That is an equivalent of 5 packs of cigarettes for only $8.42.

V2 Cigs CartridgesIf you wanted to stock up on e cigarette cartridges you could order a 80 pack of cartridge refills. This would typically be priced at $129.95, but if purchased on the fourth, with our coupon code, it would only be $84.47. That is the equivalent of about a dollar per pack of cigarettes. Imagine how much you could save in a year, by switching to v2 cigs, and forever being free of smoking cigarettes.

Remember as well that V2 Cigs makes cartridge adapters. These make it possible for almost any e cigarette to work with V2 Cigs cartridges. All v2 cigs cartridges are made and tested in the USA for quality assurance. And they have flavors that have helped make V2 Cigs the most popular brand in the United States. It is no wonder that V2 Cigs is such a fan of The Fourth Of July.

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Happy Fourth Of July!

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