Tell The FDA No Regulating E Cigarettes Before January 16th

FDA Electronic Cigarettes

The FDA is giving us Vapor or E Cigarette users a chance to give them our opinions and comments until Jan. 16th so please help our community stay away from further regulations or policies that may hurt the industry and customers ability to obtain the electronic cigarette products. Here is the link to visit and tell them not to implement any further regulations involving e cigarettes. It is really important to get as many people as we can to leave a comment so be sure to share this with all your Facebook and Twitter friends right away, only 2 days left as of now. Once your on the FDA website just click on the blue “Comment Now” button in top right of the page.

The Government and FDA are already regulating too much of how we live our lives by telling us what we can and can’t put into our bodies. Let us band together and keep them from taking even more of our God given rights away. I really think we can overcome this small hurdle, as well as many other govt. related problems, by sticking up for ourselves. “We The People” are to blame for letting our govt. get so out of control as it is now days so we are the only ones that can get us back on track again. If you have read this far into the article you have already taken as long to read this page as it will take you to leave the FDA a comment telling them no more regulations, so go do it! Thanks and spread the word, share below…