Switching To An E Cig For My New Years Resolution

smoke friiFor my New Years resolution I have decided to switch to an e cigarette from my normal tobacco cigarette smoking habit. I know quitting smoking is tough because I have tried many times in the past. The longest I went was close to 9 months. This time I believe I will be successful because of how the e cigarette works.

The e cigarette works by using a liquid solution with water, propylene glycol(found in cake mix and fog machines), and your choice of nicotine strength or none at all. A battery that looks like a cigarette is used to power the device. The cartridge with the solution screws onto the battery with the atomizer that heats and vaporizes the liquid to make the smoke-like vapor. Some e cigarettes sell the atomizer separate from the the cartridge and now they have the atomizer built into the cartridge to make the device much easier to use.

If you are deciding to try the e cig like I am, you should consider using the ones with the atomizer built into the cartridge. I have a friend that has used a bunch of the e cigarettes both with separate atomizer and ones built-in. He says the ones that are separate are a waste of money and more of a hassle than what they are worth. He says they are likely to be leaking the e liquid and won’t work consistently like the better built-in atomizer kind. It makes sense after I have checked out the two varieties while reading a bunch of e cig reviews.

From what I have read so far about the e cigarettes, I think I will be trying the brand called the Smoke Frii e cig. It has some great reviews and I also like the way it looks even though the look isn’t too important really. The functionality of the Smoke Frii seems to be excellent and many have said that their battery life is longer than any others. I really want one that is simple to use and requires little effort for me to deal with. I am afraid otherwise I will be discouraged and go back to smoking tobacco if not immediately satisfied with the e cigarette.

So if your looking for an easier method to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for your New Years Resolution you should definitely check out Smoke Frii e cigarette review. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, a great price for their starter kit as well as nice design compared to many other brands. Put your health at ease without the frustration of the itchy patch or lousy tasting nicotine gum and get yourself an e cigarette.

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