Surprising Facts that Support the Electronic Cigarette Claims

What is this electronic cigarette that we’ve all been hearing and talking about? We actually see people walking past, waving this cigarette looking stick and you see them everywhere; in malls, theaters, bars and most everywhere else. They say that these e-cigs, as they are more popularly known, help break the smoking habit. Well, do they really? Can this quirky device stop the puff permanently?
 The latest nicotine replacement therapy to break out, electronic cigarettes are taking the town by storm. It is basically a battery operated doodad made to copy the look, feel, and effect of a real cigarette. This smoking cessation device tries to preserve the rituals involved with cigarette smoking. From the gestures, inhalation and exhalation, this new gimmick aims at satisfying the oral gratification you get from any traditional cigarette but without the tobacco smoke, smell and harm to those around the smoker. The popular appeal of the e-cigarette as a nicotine replacement therapy device is attributed to the claim that it is without or with massively reduced health risk effects and although this claim as a smoking cessation alternative has come under huge controversy from different health organizations, users worldwide continually patronize the product and their users increase in number by the thousands.

e cigarette

There are four parts to this device that is involved in this seemingly magical smoke production. First, you get the LED light that imitates the typical glow at the tip of a traditional cigarette. Second is a battery module that provides power to the whole miniaturized gadget. The next is an atomizer that uses heat or ultrasonics involved with the nicotine solution transformation and the last part is the cartridge or the mouthpiece that is the part responsible for delivery of the so called “smoke”. These four parts are designed in a way that each one is easily detachable or attachable from one another. Models vary in that some come with refillable cartridges and other models are designed to be disposable.

 This device effects mimicry of real smoke through the vaporization of a propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid solution into an atomized mist similar to the smoke you get from puffing on a cigarette. This process is similar to what you would find involved with your nebulizer or humidifier. The nicotine solution can be contained in pre-filled cartridges or it can be injected into the device. Further, the nicotine solution can be highly customized to fit a smoker’s preference. There are a possible 7,000 flavor choices and 7 nicotine concentrations that are available. These flavors can range from the subtle taste of an herb to the sweetness of a cappuccino. A choice of mild to very high concentrations of nicotine can be blended into this customized solution. This customization has been pushed so far that you can purchase your own choice of flavors and create your own nicotine solutions.
 As far as comparisons go between smoking cessation devices such as nicotine patches, gums, sprays and the new electronic cigarettes, none has been better received as much as the e-cigarettes with millions of users at present and with its count of users growing by the thousands every week. People generally agree that the e-cigarette is cheaper and healthier and it has helped them get weaned from traditional cigarettes. The glycerin based solution does not contain the other known carcinogenic components of cigarette smoke and although the jury is still out on whether nicotine is carcinogenic or not, the amount of nicotine dosed in with the water vapor can be regulated and this is good news for e-cigarette users since the amount of nicotine can be minimized. Another great advantage of the e-cigarette is the price. People actually get to save money when they use e-cigarettes and customer testimonials say that this is a big plus for them and further encourages them to pick the electronic cigarette over the real deal. In addition to the factor of price, since the e-cigarette can be broken down into components, maintenance comes out cheaper since the broken part can be isolated and cheaply replaced. This means you don’t have to purchase a whole new e-cigarette. Plus, parts are readily available on the net along with other complementary products an e-cigarette user might need.

 However, the picture isn’t all that perfect. Would be consumers of this product still have to consider the cons and right now there is pending legislation over the true safety of this product and continued debate over the health related implications of the nicotine solution hangs over the e-cigarettes head. As research is still very sparse on the direct and indirect effects of this nicotine blend, users might not have a full knowledge of the effects of the propylene glycol solution and unbeknownst to them, lead them to bodily harm.

 One supplier of this product ensures consumers that there is no sticky tar, harmful carbon monoxide or dangerous fire associated with this product. They go on to say that you can use this product anywhere anytime, whether you’re indoors or not and it will not pose as a health risk to those around.

e-cigarettes Overall, the electronic cigarette shows great promise as an alternative to cigarette smoking and this gives hope to the many who have succumbed to this harmful addiction. Additional research and knowledge is welcome and it will further encourage would be users if what we know about this product’s affect is broader. For those that are puffing away on one of these, I bet they can only feel better that they aren’t hurting themselves (too much) and those around them, and that, is a really good thing.