Super Big E Cig News From V2 Cigs!

The Biggest Thing To Happen To E Cigarettes Since Vapor!

V2 Cigs is unveiling an entire new line of e cigarette products in just three days! The 16th of April, 2012 is not only the start of a 10-Day, 10% off store wide sale, it is also the scheduled release date for a whole new line of e cigarette goodies from V2 Cigs.

When I first tried them, almost two years ago, V2 Cigs was the best brand I had tested to date. Since then, they have become the most popular e cigarette on the internet. They have continued to improve their product, and have set a standard for all e cigarette brands to follow.

They have promised to change the world of e cigs yet again. The 16th of this month, with a new release that will include an entire new line of products. Along with the new product unveiling they are also offering 10% off everything they offer for ten days!new from v2

This may very well be the best chance to get a great deal on the best brand of e cigarettes available this year. V2 Cigs is being quiet so far as to what the new release is going to include, but it is obvious from they’re homepage that they are very excited about it.

Since they started, V2 Cigs has been the industry leader in quality, and reliability. They have by far the happiest customers. Part of that is because they listen to, and cater to what their customers want. Which is why I am excited about their new release of e cig products. I can’t guess at what it might be, but I am sure it is going to be based on what they have been hearing from their customers. Which in turn means it is sure to be awesome!

Be the first to get yourself the best e cig available. Go to the V2 Cigs website on April 16th. Pick out a package that suites you. Use our 10% off coupon code during the ten day sale, and you can save yourself 20% off your purchase order. Enjoy!

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