South Beach Smoke E Cigs

south-beach-smoke-ecigsThey are called the South Beach Smokes for a reason, they are downright cool. This elite brand of electronic cigarettes has emerged to the top of the industry, providin a great product to people who want to quit smoking.

The South Beach Smoke company is so highly thought of; it has appeared in some of the most prestigious news networks in the world. They have been discussed on MSNBC & CNN!

If you are wondering why this brand of e-cigs has obtained such media coverage, here are a few things you should know about South Beach Smoke’s product:

The South Beach Smoke is manufactured under harsh quality control standards. This awesome company wants to be certain you are getting a great return for your money.

When you use a South Beach Smoke, you will feel as if you are smoking a real cigarette; however you won’t have to contend with any disgusting tar, ashes or smell. Just another indicator of the superb quality South Beach Smokes uphold to.

One of the greatest aspects of this electronic cigarette is the no smoke feature, meaning you can smoke these babies indoors, without people being uncomfortable or telling you to cease.

You shouldn’t worry about the money either, as South Beach Smoke sell their product for around a quarter of the cost real cigarettes. If you are unsatisfied with the product, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Even though it’s highly unlikely for you to return the product, it’s just a nice gesture to give you a full month to try and test the e-cig.

If you become a member, you get a lifetime replacement warranty, which is pretty awesome.

Last, but not least, South Beach Smoke have made their product so that you don’t get bad breath or yellow teeth, which is a big relief to all who are humping the smoking wagon.
Their nifty looking e-cig comes in a tightly packed package, containing everything a regressing smoker could wish for. The shipping is fast and reliable, so that you won’t need to smoke a real cigarette while waiting for your order to arrive.

If you are waiting for a good chance to quit smoking, now is the time to act. The South Beach Smoke won’t wait forever at the current, great prices. Do yourself a favor, and give them a puff.