SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette


SmokeStik - Alternative Smoking

Proudly American made, SmokeStik Cigarettes are the only electronic cigarette made domestically. A complete cigarette smoking kit is available, and similar to various competitors, the kits come at differing prices and assortments of accessories.

This product is unique not only due to the fact is made in the U.S.A., but that it also comes in two and three-piece designs.  Both the two piece and three piece models have advantages and disadvantages to each, and reach a wider audience due to the choices available. How they differ is that the two piece model has a nicotine cartridge with the atomizer in a singular unit, and in the three piece unit the cartridge and atomizer are separated.

The most economical SmokeStik Cigarette is the starter kit called the “SmokeStik Premium Starter Kit”, retailing for $89.95 including:

Two Rechargeable batteries
One Atomizer
One Charger and AC Adapter
3 Cartomizers in the nicotine levels
One User manual

Batteries, chargers and carrying cases are available and similar to most competitors, 30 regular cigarettes are equivalent to each cartomizer.  The SmokeStik Cigarette cartomizer was on par with other top rated competitors such as Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes, and were equal to the industry norms: High (16mg), Medium (8mg), Low (4mg) and non-nicotine for those on the last leg of quitting smoking. The SmokeStik Menthol is a medium level at approximately 8mg.

SmokeStik has two flavors very comparable to standard cigarettes, Tobacco (low, medium, and high) and Menthol. Vapor production is adequate and tested against the Green Smoke Cigarette falls a little short, though the taste was a bit better. SmokeStik is an excellent choice other than Green Smoke Cigarettes, and should be considered as a viable option as well.

The SmokeStik Cigarette has helped many individuals kick the nasty habit of smoking, or make it possible for those inclined to socialize inside smokeless environments such as bars and restaurants. A beautiful benefit is the lack of noticeable odor on a electronic cigarette smoker as comparable to a traditional cigarette smoker, no brown teeth, smelly hair or clothes, hacking or coughing phlegm, or carcinogens.

Last but not least, kicking traditional cigarettes using the Smokestik Cigarette need not be a painful process. As any smoker knows, the cravings for that morning, after-dinner or anytime cigarette can be down right uncomfortable and put you on edge, as well as those around you.  Using this novel device can help you taper off cigarettes for good, or if you wish to continue smoking, you will have the reassurance that your health will not be jeopardized.

The Smokestik Cigarette is my choice of anti-smoking weapons, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself what it can do for you!