Smoke Frii Makes Another Satisfied Customer

How I thought Smoke Frii compared to other electronic cigarettes.

I am so glad I went with Smoke Frii when I was trying to figure out what e cigarette would be best for me. They really do make a great product. I decided to get myself an e cig a couple months ago, after a friend of mine introduced me to them. He had gotten a Greensmoke e cigarette and he let me try it out when I asked him about it. I liked the Greensmoke and it made me decide to get a electronic cigarette for myself. Before I was going to get myself one I decided to do some research and figure out which e cigarette would be best for me.

smoke frii kit    I smoke a lot and I often leave my house early in the day, and don’t come back until late in the evening, so it is important to me that I get an e cigarette that lasts for a long time. When I went online to look at e cigarette reviews and websites, I kept my eye out for a inexpensive, quality brand, and one that made batteries that would last for a long time. I read in a Smoke Frii review that they make some of the longest lasting batteries of any e cigarette brand.

I took a look at their site and I saw that they are actually less expensive than most other quality e cigarette brands. I read some more reviews and found that most of Smoke Frii’s customers were happy with what they got from them. They make a very simple and effective e cig. It isn’t flashy or anything, but in my opinion, it actually looks a lot nicer than the Green Smoke my buddy showed me.

After reading a bunch of different e cig reviews, and checking out a bunch of other brands, It seemed to me that the best e cigarette for my needs would be the Smoke Frii. I saw that there is another brand called Whitecloud that makes batteries that are said to last for an extended amount of time as well, so I checked them out too. They look nice but the kits they sell are more than double the price of Smoke Frii’s, and the refill cartridges are about the same price as normal cigarettes (most brands are a lot less expensive).

I got my e cigarette starter kit from Smoke Frii in the mail about a month ago and I am really happy with my choice. One fully charged battery does last me all through the day. I do bring the extra battery with me as well as extra cartridges just in case I end up useing it a lot. I came to find out the cartridges made by Smoke Frii are also made to last a long time, and contain more e liquid than most other brands I just keep extra cartridges because sometimes I start the day with a cartridge that is almost empty to begin with.smoke frii starter kit

I saw my friend that had the Greensmoke e cig again the other day. He seemed disappointed that he hadn’t chosen the same brand. Not only do they last all day but they also seem to be better all around, better taste, thicker vapor, with a better feel to them, and better looking. He actually asked me about how I found out about them and if there were any other really brands I had heard of while I was looking. I told him about Whitecloud and that he could find plenty of e cigarette reviews online. I think he is jealous and is going to get either a Smoke Frii or some other brand for himself.

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