Smoke Frii E Cigarette Review

Smoke Frii Reviews: Why Smoke Frii Is An Excellent Electric Cigarette Choice

smoke frii e cigaretteI have personally tried a wide variety of electronic cigarette brands, including White Cloud, Green Smoke, South Beach, V2,  Blu e-cigs, and more. Of all of that I have tried so far, I am the most impressed with the Smoke Frii e-cigarette.

The major differences that separate it apart from all of the other brands are the highly advanced batteries, cartridges that are only slightly larger but last a lot longer, and a much smoother draw than any e-cigs I have tried. I am not surprised to see that all the Smoke Frii Reviews Articles I read said they were a great choice.

The battery for the Smoke Frii e-cigarette is designed to last longer than all of their competitors, Smoke Frii says they are designed to last about as long as a pack of cigarettes. From my own experience, that surprisingly, might actually be an understatement. I used to be a heavy smoker, smoking a pack to two a day. Even I found that I could usually use my Smoke Frii e-cigarette for up to two days without needing a recharge. That might not sound that great if you haven’t tried any other e-cigs, but I will tell you, most of them need to be recharge at least twice a day. So, that is really quite a big deal. Furthermore, the Smoke Frii e-cigarette batteries are the same size or even slightly smaller than comparable e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette cartridges are usually made to last equivalent to the length of a pack of cigarettes, and most cost three dollars or more. The Smoke Frii e-cigarette cartridges last the equivalent of a pack and a half of cigarettes, and they cost only two dollars each (or less, if you buy in bulk). Of all the other quality e-cigs out there, the only other one that makes cartridges at that price is the V2 Cigs. I personally think the cartridge cost is one of the most important things to look at, because that is going to be the source of the long term cost (and savings, as the case may be).

One of the things that impressed me the most, and seemed to distinguish the Smoke Frii from other e-cigarettes, is the light draw, or ease of taking drags. I hadn’t noticed before trying the Smoke Frii e-cigarette, but after using it for a while it seems like the pull on all the others is a lot harder (like a cigarette that is too tightly packed). The vapor produced is always nice and smoke like as well.

frii e cigaretteThe Smoke Frii e-cigarette website offers a step down series of cartridges with the purchase of your first starter kit. Starting with the highest level of nicotine and gradually lowering the nicotine content with each pack of cartridges until there is no nicotine at all. This might be a good way for some to try and quit completely although I think that will depend and vary per person.

The Smoke Frii e-cigarette is an excellent and well designed electronic cigarette. I would not at all be surprised if it quickly becomes the new market leader. For all its improvements on other e-cig brands, the Smoke Frii e-cigarette starter kits are still cheaper than almost all the brands of comparable quality. It is deigned to look like a traditional cigarette, only slightly longer and a hair thicker. It’s a two piece design, it is very simple to use, small, lightweight, and it consistently delivers thick clouds of vapor all through the day.

The only drawbacks to this particular brand of e-cigarette that I could think of are the lack of options. They only make one starter kit. The e-cigs themselves (batteries & cartridges) only come in one style, (white with tan filters), and they only make 4 flavors (tobacco, menthol, coffee, and vanilla).

smoke frii review kit

If I had to compare the Smoke Frii e-cigarette to any other brand of electronic cigarettes, I would say it is the most similar to the White Cloud. Amazingly it is almost half the cost for the starter kits as well as the refill cartridges.

I hope you found this Smoke Frii review helpful in choosing the right e cig for you.

So now you can be ‘smoke’ free when you use the Smoke Frii.  Get yours now.

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