Smoke Frii E Cigarette Review

I was told a while ago that some people are using electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. I have smoked cigarettes for the last eight years. Over years I have tried to quit multiple times. Usually with descent results at first and then I slowly slip back to my old habits, or I just have something really stressful happen and decide it is a good enough excuse to get a pack. I found and decided to try quitting using the e-cigarettes made by Smoke Frii.

smoke frii e cigs
Smoke Frii actually offers what they call a step down kit. Similar to the patch, the idea is that each pack of cartridges of e-liquid refills has slightly less nicotine. Allowing you to keep smoking your e-cig while slowly reducing your nicotine intake. Unlike the patch, using an e-cig is similar to smoking and it allows you to not only get the nicotine but also “smoke”. It is just vapor instead of smoke. This way you can get nicotine as you need it in a familiar form. So that you can have a crutch to the physical habit as well.

One of the plusses of vaporizing nicotine as apposed to smoking it is that vaporization occurs at a lower temperature. Which means it isn’t as harsh on your body as smoking cigarettes. What’s great about smoking e-cigs is that you really aren’t smoking at all. There is nothing burning, there is no smoke, there is no smell, and no nicotine stains on your teeth or hands.

I am really impressed with the Smoke Frii kit I got. The Smoke Frii makes thick clouds of vapor that remind me of smoking. The flavor of the cartridges actually reminds me of cigarettes as well. I think the flavor reminds me the most of Camels. The other thing about Smoke Frii’s design is that when I take a drag it will keep making vapor until I stop, whereas I have tried other brands that cut off vapor production after a couple seconds, making you want to get a bigger, thicker drag than they can produce.

Smoke Frii E CigThe most impressive thing about is how long the batteries and cartridges last. I used to smoke a pack a day of cigarettes or more, and my Smoke Frii e-cig lasts me up to two days. Most e-cigarette companies only claim to have them last half a day or so at that rate. The batteries the cartridges designed by Smoke Frii are designed to be a little longer and last a lot longer than those made by other electronic cigarette brands. I appreciate this because it means I don’t have to worry about carrying around a portable charger or anything like that.

Of all the methods I have tried to use to quit smoking none seem to work as seamlessly as switching to e-cigarettes. With the patch I was never convinced I was getting nicotine, even though I’m sure I was, I still always wanted a smoke. I thought the gum was disgusting, and after trying a few pieces I decided cold turkey would be better. I refuse to try chantix because I know people that used it and most of them all had psychological problems, such as being even more stressed out and having anxiety issues. I don’t like taking any prescription drugs that affect the chemical balances in my brain.

I am really happy that finally an alternative like e-cigarettes has been invented. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to quit using something so ingenious. I am really happy I got my e-cig from Smoke Frii. I think it was an awesome choice. I have tried a good variety of other e-cigs and I think the Smoke Frii is by far the best I have tried.

Smoke Frii E-Cigarette
So far I have been slowly decreasing my nicotine intake using Smoke Frii’s step down kit and it has been working great for me. I haven’t noticed the first decrease in nicotine strength and I hope it continues that way. Eventually I will be smoking vapor that is completely nicotine free. At that point I think I will try to kick the physical habit as well. The best part about it though is that I will keep my e-cig and if I ever have a break down in the future and really, really want a smoke I will be able to turn to my Smoke Frii e-cig instead.
Smoke Frii Decreasing Quit – Lessen the Urg

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