Sky Cigs E Cigarette Review

sky cigs e cigaretteAre you searching for a Sky Cig Review? If the answer is in the affirmative, then you have come to the right place. In this Sky Cig Review, we will help you decide whether you should buy the Sky Cig kit along with telling what the package includes and a number of different features of this product.

To begin with our Sky Cig Review, let’s have a look at what is included in the starter kit. Wherever you buy your Sky starter kit, you should get the following items with it:

The kit will include

  • 2 e cigarette batteries out of which one is spare
  • 2 e cigarette battery chargers of which one is a USB charger while the other is a wall charge.
  • A sleek and stylish Sky e cigarette charging case which has the ability to hold up to five e cigarette batteries and refill cartridges
  • 2 liquid vaporizers out which one is spare
  • A Sky Cig travel case

Now let’s look at each and every one of them in turn to tell you more about what you should expect to get in the starter kit.

First in our Sky Cig Review, we look at the SKY Cig Stylish Carry Case. The carry case has enough space to hold up to 5 of your favorite flavors for your e cigarette. The case is well built and has a stylish and sleek design. The pack is very much like your ordinary cigarette pack in terms of the shape and size of it and such that, you will not be able to spot the difference.

sky cigs reviewThe SKY Cig Battery features the latest which the lithium technology has to offer. These batteries are custom made to last long. All batteries included in the case are white in color to go with your e cig.

The SKY Cig Chargers are included in the kit. There are two of these. One is USB while the other is a wall charger which offers ease of connection wherever you feel to charge. Therefore, you have the option of charging through a power outlet or a PC, whichever way you wish.

The SKY Cig Flavor Cartridges is the next thing we shall look at in this Sky Cig Review. When you purchase the SKY starter kit, you are give 15 free cartridges of different variety of your choice. Some of the choices you have include mint, classic tobacco and magic menthol amongst others.

The SKY Cig Vaporizer is stainless steel vaporizer that is included in every kit. The vaporizer is very important to any e cigarette kit since it converts flavors into water vapors, allowing you to have the feel of a real cigarette. I must mention in this Sky Cig Review that we found the vapor to be quite strong and it is one of the best features of Sky e cigarette which sets it apart from other kits.

Finally, we end our Sky Cig Review with the SKY Cig Travel Case which is the perfect companion for your travels, allowing you to store your e cigarettes on the go. To get your very own kit visit the Official website here: