Satisfied V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Customer

V2 E CigsElectronic cigarettes are becoming more popular all the time. V2 electronic cigarettes are fast becoming a market favorite. It is not surprising considering they make one of the most customizable, most reliable, and least expensive electronic cigarettes available.

All of the e-cigs offered by V2 Cigs come in a simple, easy to use and maintain, two piece design. V2 Cigs also offers a wide variety of options for battery styles. Each battery you get in a kit can be individually customized in three different ways, color, size, and type. All the V2 Cigs batteries come in sleek looking design in either solid black or white. V2 Cigs offers batteries in three different lengths each with varying charge capacities.  V2 Cigs is also one of the only brands that give the option of a button on the side of the battery. The button allows you to better control the vapor produced by allowing you to prime the e-cig before you take a drag. Whereas the design without the button vaporizes the e-liquid as you take a drag.

Multiple choices of different flavored, and different strengths of cartridges are offered by V2 Cigs as well. There are two tobacco flavors, cowboy and congress. Two mint flavors, peppermint and menthol. V2 Cigs also offer a line of more exotic flavored cartridges including cherry, vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. Unlike most other brands, V2 Cigs offer both blank and customizable cartridges. Blank cartridges are refillable cartridges that can be filled with any kind of e-liquid. Customizable cartridges are flavors that they will specially produce via your request. V2 Cigs will actually blend you any flavor you can think of and describe to them.

Not only does V2 Cigs make one of the sleekest, nicest looking designs, but  they are also one of the highest quality I have encountered. After months of use the three V2 batteries I own still work as well as the day I got them. Producing thick clouds of vapor puff after puff. Each V2 Cigs cartridge comes with its own built in atomizer. This makes it easy to use and hassle free, as you don’t need to worry about atomizers going bad and having to be replaced all the time.

Possibly the best thing about V2 electronic cigarettes is the price. Although V2 Cigs is one of the most top quality brands of electronic cigarettes, they are still offered at prices that are close to half of that of they’re competitors. The cost of ordering a V2 Cigs starter kit is less than a lot of brands that don’t offer half as much. More importantly, the long term cost of cartridges is what you need to be worried about if you actually plan on using your e-cig, and V2 Cigs offer some of the least expensive cartridges available anywhere.

I won’t be surprised if V2 Cigs completely dominates the electronic cigarette market in the years to come. There is still some room for competition, and you never know if someone can find a way to improve on what they have going. But so far, it seems clear that V2 Cigs is offering the best product, at the least cost.