Review of the V2 Standard Kit E Cigarette starter kit

This is a step up from the most basic e cigarette starter kit made by V2 Cigs. Basically the same thing as the economy kit except it comes with an extra battery.

It comes with:v2 cigs standard starter kit

- Two V2 Cigs Batteries Both Standard Size One Automatic And One Manual (Both With A Lifetime Warranty Included)
- One USB Charger
- One Wall Charger Adapter
- Ten Refill Cartridges
- One User’s Manual

This basic kit is a great way to get started with e cigarettes. Both batteries come in their standard size in your choice of color. The difference between the automatic and the manual batteries is a button that comes on the side of the manual battery. The automatic battery turns on whenever it feels air being pulled through it. So all you do is take a drag like you would with a cigarette and it does the rest itself. The Manual battery with the button allows you to be able to press down the button before you start taking a drag so that it will start vaporizing the e liquid before you take a drag. By ‘priming’ your e cig in this way you are guaranteed a nice thick drag every time. I was originally put off by the idea, thinking it would just be more cumbersome, but after trying it out I think I like the manual button more.

The cartridges included in the V2 Standard kit come in your choice of flavor, and strength. There are ten flavors and four different strengths to choose from. The cartridges each typically last as long as a pack of cigarettes would, so the ten cartridges are roughly equivalent to a carton of smokes.

The standard kit is a great choice for someone wanting to get started with e cigarettes. Having two batteries means that you get to try out both the automatic and manual styles. It also means that you have a battery to use while the other is charging. This way you don’t have to wait around for a couple of hours for your battery to charge when you want a puff. I personally like having multiple batteries, so that there is always guaranteed to be one around when I want one.

The batteries will come charged and ready to use. Just attach a cartridge and you are ready to go. When it stops working (typically after about a days usage), just recharge it with your USB port on your computer, or using the wall adapter. You will know when the cartridges run out when it starts tasting different and stops producing vapor. When that happens you add a new one. Refill cartridges as well as e liquid that can be used to refill your existing cartridges are both also available from V2 Cigs. You may want to save your empty cartridges so that you can just get the e liquid and refill them with that since this method is less expensive

Besides the e cigarette starter kits they make, they also offer a wide range of e cigarette accessories, including:blue v2 e cig
- E Cigarette Batteries (Available In Three Different Lengths And Four Different Colors)
- Ten Different Flavors Of E Cigarette Refill Cartridges In Four Different Strengths
- E Cigarette Carrying Cases, Both In A Soft Cloth, And In A Hard Clam Shell Style
- Portable Recharging Case That Allows You To Recharge Your Batteries Anywhere
- E Juice (A.K.A. E Liquid) That You Can Use To Refill Cartridge
- Universal Cartridge Adapters That Allow You To Use V2 E Juice With Any E Cig Brand
- And Other Styles Of E Cigs As Well As A Few Other Accessories

V2 Cigs is the best brand to choose for new or experienced e smokers. They offer a lifetime warranty with all their batteries. They have the most satisfied customers. They sell for a good price. And they are great quality.

The V2 Cigs website also features a clearance section where stuff that is in overstock can be gotten on the cheap. There are also coupon codes that can be found online that can keep the cost down. If you really want a good deal you may want to wait around until they have a sale because they typically have some kind of promotion or another about once a month.

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