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eversmoke reviewAs a hardened smoker I have tried and failed to quit smoking many times. I’ve tried the patches and the gum, I’ve tried quitting cold turkey and moving to menthol cigarettes first. Nothing works for me! I have a serious nicotine addiction.

I have always thought it was quite sad that it isn’t the nicotine (the stuff you want from a cigarette) that causes the real health problems. It’s actually the tobacco and all the carcinogens in the smoke. And although the patch and gum provide you with that hit of nicotine without all the tobacco and carcinogens, they just don’t take away that urge to physically smoke a cigarette. It’s a habit, and for many people like me, it’s more than just a habit.

Smoking is something that is so ingrained into my behaviour that I find it truly difficult to stop. Smoking is what I do when I feel stressed, so my brain has actually become programmed into feeling super stressed until I am able to just go through the motion of having a cigarette. Part of it, admittedly, is my addiction, but I don’t think a cigarette is actually as stress-relieving as it seems to be. It’s the placebo effect.

Smoking is more than just a stress cure, however. It is also something I’ve done socially ever since I was a teenager, and I still find it to be a very social activity, even more so now that there is a ban on smoking in public places in most places throughout the world. Going outside for a cigarette is a break from the hubbub of the restaurant or bar, and a time to have a great conversation with your friends or maybe even strangers outside.

Changing to EverSmoke electronic cigarettes

It was when I was on a flight that the notion of electronic cigarettes first crossed my mind. Before this, I had no idea that they actually contained nicotine. I thought the whole point was just to fool your brain into thinking you were smoking, but actually they just lit up and did nothing. I asked one of the flight attendants what the point in them was, and she told me that it was because they actually did provide nicotine.

When I came across an advertisement for EverSmoke electronic cigarettes, I was interested. They promised to be everything I was looking for, and more. A cigarette without tobacco or carcinogenic smoke, but that still appears to ‘smoke’ and tastes like a cigarette. Like a fake cigarette used for quitting, only it actually does more than just light up at the end. And like a patch for quitting but without that horrible lack of being able to go through the motion of smoking. When I thought about how great it would be to be able to cut out most of the health dangers of smoking, but still smoke, I bought one immediately.

Review of EverSmoke e cigarette

I have to say, it was definitely a piece of cake to charge up my EverSmoke cigarette in my USB dock before smoking it, and it is great to be able to smoke indoors again (my wife has long since banned me from smoking in our home)! My first draw really did taste like a cigarette, it was amazing, and I could feel that I was getting the nicotine hit I’d been craving. And yet there was no stink and no lasting smoke in the air, because the vapour that puffs out disappears almost immediately and has no aroma.

eversmoke kit



What you can expect from EverSmoke’s Ultimate Starter Kit?


This kit is prepared with the company’s unique two-part technology, which includes use of an atomizer/battery and a filter/cartridge. This technology ensures that you will have the best possible smoking experience without harming your health. EverSmoke’s cartridge and atomizer uses the company’s own VaporMax technology, which enables maximum vapor production consistently. Most electronic cigarette manufacturers will require you to invest a lot of time for maintenance as their kits come with separate atomizer units. With EverSmoke, you won’t need to spend any time maintaining the atomizer unit as every new EverSmoke cartridge is accompanied by a new fresh atomizer.


What are the components of an EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit?



  1. An e-cigarette with lithium ion short battery (offers 250 puffs)
  2. An e-cigarette lithium ion long battery (offers 350 puffs)
  3. A USB charger
  4. A wall charger
  5. A charging adaptor for charging in your car
  6. Fifteen nicotine cartridges
  7. A carrying case
  8. An owner’s manual
EverSmoke e cigarettes

Every EverSmoke e-cigarette has an orange LED at its end. This glowing orange light illuminates with every puff.  This orange LED is an integral part of these e-cigarettes for two reasons. It makes the e-cigarettes look like the traditional ones. As a result, you will enjoy an authentic smoking experience and will not be a cause of attention to people around you. In addition to that, the orange LED also alerts the user when the e-cigarette battery needs to be recharged. The light starts flashing to indicate that the battery is low on power.

Based on your preference, you can choose any one from EverSmoke’s two battery types, Automatic and Manual. An Automatic Battery operates exactly like a traditional tobacco cigarette. As soon as you puff on the e-cigarette, the computer chip inside the battery part receives a signal for activating the atomizer. As a result, the e-cigarette automatically starts producing vapor. An EverSmoke Manual Battery, on the other hand, comes with a tiny button. You will have to press the button for activating the atomizer. Unlike the Automatic batteries, the Manual ones do not require any priming and takes much less time to produce thick vapor. However, they last 25% less compared to the Automatic ones. I am fond of both these battery types. Initially I used to order the Manual batteries for their ability of producing denser vapor, but now I mostly opt for the Automatic batteries. Both Manual and Automatic batteries are available in three colors:  Stainless Steel, Gloss Black and White.

When you read through most EverSmoke reviews, you will surely find that the reviewer has spent a considerable amount of time praising the different cartridge flavors marketed by EverSmoke. I have only tried the ‘Classic Tobacco’ and the ‘Cool Menthol’ flavor and never felt the need to try any other option. However, consumer reviews suggest that other flavors like their, Cherry Crush, Very Vanilla, Peppermint Party and Coffee Creation are equally tempting. EverSmoke cartridges are available in four strengths, No-Nicotine, Ultra Light, Light and Full Flavored. I started with the Full Flavored cartridges, but now I am using Ultra Light. You should place your order according to your own preference. Consider trying each strength because I noticed the full flavor was too much for me even though I smoked full flavor tobacco before, not lights.

Another impressive feature of EverSmoke e-cigarettes is their Silicon Tip. This exclusive trait ensures that there’s no vapor leakage and every puff generates the same intensity as traditional tobacco cigarettes, it also makes it feel like the cotton end of a regular cigarette unlike most brands that have just hard plastic. Below, I have listed some more benefits of using EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit:

  • Consumer reviews published on independent EverSmoke review websites describe EverSmoke’s electronic cigarette as an excellent remedy for yellow teeth and bad breath, two common side effects of persistent cigarette smoking.
  • As an e-cigarette is a smokeless cigarette, you will also be allowed to use it in areas which are otherwise declared as no-smoking zones.
  • EverSmoke’s electronic cigarettes are free from carcinogens and carbon monoxide. As a result, individuals who use these smokeless cigarettes will less likely to be at higher risk of developing cancer and other serious health conditions.
  • EverSmoke’s e-cigarettes cost much less than the regular cigarettes and thus will help you to save a lot of money, this is a huge plus as I have already started saving after my first month.

You can also find a 20% discount on all cartridge shipments by joining EverSmoke’s Home Delivery Program. This program has helped me to generate even more monthly savings. The other benefit of joining the Home Delivery Program is getting the Lifetime Replacement Warranty on every EverSmoke equipment and parts. You will also be allowed to set your own order quantities and delivery frequency, I love the flexibility. If at any point in time you feel that you are not satisfied with the offers, you are free to cancel your enrollment. However, my experience with the Home Delivery Program suggests that you will only gain from it and will never want to leave it.

So far even every other EverSmoke review I have read also commends the company’s excellent shipping policy. The company cares about your convenience and thus sends an email with an order tracking number when your order is ready for shipment. Expect your order to be shipped on the next business day. To date, I have never experienced any delay in shipment. Once shipped, the order will take five to seven days to reach you.

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My EverSmoke Review Gives it 5 out of 5 stars! *****

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