Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette review

How I quit smoking with electronic cigarettes.

I first decided to try electronic cigarettes to quit smoking after a smoking a pack a day for over ten years. I had been hearing a lot about what a good alternative e cigs are from my brother and some good friends of mine. I wasn’t sure I’d feel the same way so I decided to try a few of the top electronic cigarettes for my self. I tried the V2, Greensmoke, the Safe Cig and Prosmoke out of the leading brands of e cigarettes I found a few overall differences.

If you’ve ever tried some of the top brands of electronic cigarettes you know there is a variety of choices. The differences and options of electronic cigarettes were a little confusing at first. Of the most popular brands of e cigarettes I tried there were some obvious differences the styles colors and appearance, battery life, flavor and quality of the vapor. I read some electronic cigarette reviews simply because the thing about electronic cigarette reviews is that you can get a good idea of the product before buying. At first I was a little surprised I liked the Prosmoke electronic cigarette better than some of the other top brands but after looking at the e cigarette reviews I could see why people chose Prosmoke.

I was about two weeks in without a cigarette and unlike other attempts to quit smoking I had none of the usual withdrawal symptoms or the overwhelming urge to buy a pack. Not only was the switch from smoking to the Prosmoke e cigarette easy, I could get my nicotine fix without the guilt and bad habit. Since I quit smoking I noticed I feel better and my energy has also increased.

I think the most important thing for me in deciding which brand to choose was the quality and flavor of vapor. That’s what made the Prosmoke electronic cigarette an easy choice. The vapor tasted good with a similar feeling to smoking and gave me the feeling that it was a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The vapor is made with a vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol and has a variety of flavors to choose from. I really liked the overall quality and appearance of the Prosmoke kit that came with a long lasting battery. There were some cheaper kits but I really was looking for a quality product. I enjoy using it to keep from going back to smoking.

I really love the feeling of smoking indoors again like at the coffee shop or the bar I like to puff on my e cigarette while I sip my drink. I’m really glad I quit smoking cigarettes and my family is happy for me too. That’s my Prosmoke electronic cigarette review. If your trying to quit smoking I would definitely try an e cigarette and the Prosmoke electronic cigarette is an excellent brand. I’m going on five months without a cigarette, good luck.

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