Premium Electronic Cigarette Review


Written by our monthly E Cigarette Review Contest winner Ronald Touchet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA – Congratulations!

The switch to electronic cigarettes can be a daunting choice to people just getting into it for the first time. There are a lot of different brands out there some great some not so great, some are even scams with sign up programs that rope you in with “free trials” then the fine print tells you how badly you’ve been suckered for $80 plus bucks. Not a great way to start the end of a bad habit. I like you was faced with all of this when I decided to test out e cigs for the first time and had no idea where to start. That’s when I found Premium Electronic Cigarettes.

I won’t be ashamed to admit the first things that drew me to the Premium brand was the style of the cigarette. I figured if I am going to be puffing on a toy cigarette it might as well look cool. Premium fits the bill. They offer nine standard battery(the part that makes up the main body of your e cig) options ranging from the usual whites and blacks to purples, golds, green even pink. They also have an custom line offered that has patter batteries for people that want to get really fancy. These are quality designs in the batter not stickers like some people try and offer. All and all an excellent selection for people wanting a bit of style or just want something that does not look like a real cigarette saving a lot of time for use in smoking restricted areas(“I get more what is that?” than “Hey you can’t smoke in here”).

Now on to the thing that really matters. The Vapor. The produced by the Premium’s cartridges is great. It has a full and thick feel to it and feels very much like a real cigarette. You get a good reaction time to your first puff and a lot of vapor from a single puff(unlike many brands that require extended puffs to get a good vapor). There is no thick or chalky feeling like some brands and it even produces a realistic cloud like a real cigarette(great if you still feel the urge to blow smoke rings). The vapor cartridges cost a bit more then some brands but they give you some of the best vapor out there.

Flavor is another area where Premium does a good job is flavor. Many brands have tobacco and menthol’s. Some even get fancy on you with coffees and cherry. Premium goes to the next step they offer a range of 21 flavors, that’s right 21! These flavors include vanilla, peach, pear, apple, red energy(I take it a red bull like flavor) and a lot more. Now I have not tried all of the flavors, but I can say the vanilla is excellent. The strength of the flavor does change based on the strength of the cart so a 16m carts flavor will be more robust then the 11 or the 4. This can be a good and a bad thing at 16m menthol is a bit too strong where as at 11m the chocolate is a bit under powered, so you may want to try out one of their sampler packs to see what mixes work for you.

Finally price. Their price ranges from about 50 dollars to 140 for starter kits with the usual standard mix of options as far as batteries, chargers and carts included. One nice option is the travelers kits that comes with one battery a set of cartridges and the personal carry charger. This is a nice case to carry with you that has a built in charger for your battery. For 50 dollars it is a great option for a first starter kit. There final and one of my favorite options they offer is the one time use cigarette that allows you to try before you buy.

If you are looking for a excellent priced and quality Electronic Cigarette that has a good sense of style then I highly recommend Premium Electronic Cigarettes. With their one time use test cigarette you don’t have to take my word for it go get one and see for yourself.