Premium E-Cigarette Review

Premium E-cig Review:

premium e cigaretteI originally decided to get en e-cig because I like going out to concerts and clubs on the weekends. But I don’t like having to go outside in the cold to go smoke, and I don’t want to smell like cigarettes when I am dancing with someone I just met.

So, a few months back I decided to get myself an electronic cigarette. After looking around for a while I noticed that most e-cigs are designed to look like regular cigarettes and are kind of boring looking. Personally, I figure if I am going to be smoking vapor out of a little electronic device, it might as well look like a cool little electronic device, not an ordinary old cigarette. I wanted to find one that was super stylish.

I eventually found Premium electronic cigarettes. They are designed to be about the same size as a normal cigarette, but they offer them in a bunch of different colors and even have “customizable skins” for the batteries that come with little designs on them. I really like the batteries in the solid metallic colors they offer. They have a bunch, but my favorites are the burgundy and the blue one.

Those were the first two I ordered. After having them for a while I started taking them out and enjoying them more and more. I found it is nice to have a few different batteries because that way you can always remember to keep a charge on one of them. I decided recently to order a couple more batteries because I wanted more choices of colors to go with different outfits. Its silly I know,  but I think of it as an accessory. I mean, smoking is supposed to look cool anyway right? Well, I figure I am going to take it to the next level. The other reason I am getting more batteries is because I am totally hooked on e-cigs, and I smoke them more than regular cigarettes now anyways.

premium e cigI found they really work great for going out. I can get away with smoking them in all sorts of places where no smoking is allowed. Its great to not have to go outside to smoke when I am at an indoor concert. No one seems to mind, mostly people just think its cool if they notice me smoking it. And as I said, its great because it doesn’t make me smell like cigarette smoke.

Premium electronic cigarettes are really great! I started using them at work too. I work as a hostess and I can’t be smelling like cigarettes when I am greeting people all night. But I can go outside and puff on my little e-cig for five minutes and come back with no one the wiser ;)

So far they have both worked great for me. If I take a new cartridge out with a new battery it is guaranteed to last me all night and usually well into the next day. The experience is different from smoking a regular cigarette. After all its vapor, not smoke you are “smoking”.  Premium does a good job of simulating the experience though. They taste similar. Actually better in a way because they don‘t ever start tasting really bad like cigarettes do sometimes. They work pretty consistently and each puff produces a thick cloud of vapor.

premium electronic cigaretteSo, I just ordered a platinum silver battery and a pink one. I can’t wait to get them. I have been thinking lately that I might as well just switch to electronic cigarettes altogether. I smoke them more now anyway. Premium e-cigs are less expensive. I can smoke them inside. The list of advantages goes on and on.

Anyway, if any one is looking for a  cooler looking, customizable, more stylish  e-cig. I am letting you in on a secret here. Premium e-cigs are inexpensive, high quality, and come in all sorts of styles.